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  • freddo

    Bit of speculation here ...

    Might it be that it's because Rose is such a thorn (pun intended) - a prick, even - that this is why some have thrown in the towel?

    After all he will have done at least four "encouraging" visit to the congregations in his circuit and now will be on his fifth. If you are a doubter or a bit wobbly you might think the first visit could be down to him having a bad week; but when that gets repeated time after time it can be very wearisome.

    Talking personally it was one overbearing CO that A) almost made me resign once as an elder and B) another one that made me actually resign about five years later. It was a kindly more reasonable CO in between that made me "hang on" longer than I should have.

    Lets hope Rose works his "magic" in another circuit when they get swapped in September because as sure as grass is green I know Vigo and Gillies and Co. at Bethel UK won't have the common sense or humility to remove this idiot!

  • Angel of the north
    Angel of the north

    Jookbeard. Hodgson is the c/o for Durham and he decided that the publishers in the circuit should all go to Hellaby instead of nearby Newcastle city hall a 6hr round trip for some.The reason? Why pay a worldly company to hire their hall when they can hire Hellaby and proceeds go to WT. £10,000 it cost for one day .

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    Julian Hodson (no g in his surname) is the brother of Marina Sydlik. He and Michael Purbrick (always want to miss the "urb" out of his surname) were in the same cong - Hebburn - for quite a while, so the similarities are not unexpected.


  • jookbeard

    you are 100% right Freddo these idiots cause more damage than they are worth, certainly my jw career was based on the behaviour of those two that I mentioned, another nail in the coffin was the request that Anthony Kendall passed on that he wished to meet with me to give some "encouragement" what do you think my answer was? Lets hope Rose is still allowed to carry on his destructiveness, its mad that they dont see the damage they cause, or maybe they are staring to realise.

  • fulltimestudent
    konceptual99: He is vengeful, spiteful, without mercy and simply a nasty piece of work.

    Yup, just the right tool in the hands of YHWH/Jesus.

  • wannaexit

    They are always railing against education, but when they have someone educated in their midst than they practically fall over themselves with respect for that person. Hypocrites!!!

  • BluesBrother


    Off the subject slightly but I was talking to Anthony Kendall quite recently . I was amazed he remembered me but he did. I always found him one of the better ones and intellectually above the rest.

    OK, back to Bro Rose, who sounds the opposite

  • punkofnice
    BB- Off the subject slightly but I was talking to Anthony Kendall quite recently

    Yes. I remember him. He was always genuine. If I recall rightly, he suffered with a bad stomach.

    There were some that grated on me; Richard Cullen, Charldon Johnson, Ray Shah to name a few.

    the CO's from years ago all seemed to be a more, how can I put this, 'Christian(?)' in their attitude. Probably not born ins and served in the war.

    The later born in types were snobs. scrounging snobs. Apart from Jason someone or other, he seemed really genuine. I really hope he woke up and left. you see, you catch a wasp with honey not vinegar.

    As for Rose, never heard of the wannabe GB twerp. I hope he discourages many more.

  • AverageJoe1

    @Angel Of The North

    I never understood why EPAH cost so much to use since the WTS owns it!!!

  • pepperheart

    avarage joe1

    the watchtower know they will be having to pay bills out for a long time to come yet

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