Masturbation is not sinful, unclean, or wicked [Rebuttal to leaked Bethel video regarding masturbation]

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  • ttdtt

    Wake Me up.. You are not alone.

    Though the fallout is different for people, the long-term pain and dysfunction is pretty consistent.

    Of course, Women are affected by this much much more than men.

    I am sorry for your pain.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Good points Mace.bean and sorry you suffered Wake me. How important it is to get the right information in life. . .

    LUHE, I understand that the male body absorbs unused sperm and never builds up to bursting point. "Bursting point" is probably a myth that desperate males tell their girlfriends!

    A vasectomy for example does not lead to a sperm production crisis.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @ttddtt You can bet where all that pain in my disfigured psyche led me...

    Right back to the organization, exactly where the WT wanted me. Such a sick, little trap that incarcerates a person's mind, often for the rest of their life.

    I'm so pleased to say that the suffering, manipulation, addiction and heartache I put myself through in my early twenties is what ultimately gave me the resilience, backbone and appreciation for who I am today. It's like I've been reborn.

    Not Born Again.

    Just given a second shot at consciousness at a level I would have never known existed without the past WT-induced lacerations to my soul.

  • Finkelstein

    See all the clowns here, they all masturbated sometime in their lives.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The GB are master at cult guilt or is that masturbators of guilt. LOL. Still Totally ADD

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The GB are master at cult guilt or is that masturbators of guilt. LOL. Still Totally ADD


    Love? Marriage? Sex? Can a married couple have all three? Perhaps it’s unrealistic since so many marriages end in divorce today. Why is that? One reason might be that a reported 20% of all marriages are sexless and that number is rising. Why have we lost the lust in our marriages? Is it technology, is it trust? More importantly, how can we “get back at it” in our marriages today?

  • ttdtt

    Wake me up - that's exactly what they plan on happening.

    I have seen it many times - as a former elder.

    The guilt my wife had from us touching each other before we were married (not even having sex) pretty much destroyed our sex life from the beginning. ( of course, we confessed like idiots )

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  • tor1500


    This is the scripture JW's used to support no masturbation:

    Gen.38:6-10:In time Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, and her name was Taʹmar.d 7 But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was displeasing to Jehovah; so Jehovah put him to death. 8 In view of that, Judah said to Oʹnan: “Have relations with your brother’s wife and perform brother-in-law marriage with her and raise up offspring for your brother.”e 9 But Oʹnan knew that the offspring would not be considered his.f So when he did have relations with his brother’s wife, he wasted his semen on the ground so as not to give offspring to his brother.g 10 What he did was bad in the eyes of Jehovah, so he also put him to death.

    Jehovah wasn't angry about masturbation, he was displeased because O'nan disobeyed Jehovah. O'nan did not put faith in Jehovah so. Pride, not humble whatever, but not because he masturbated but simply disobeyed...Just like the scripture they use for B'days...hog wash...All witnesses see in the bible is rules and regulations...if you read the bible like that, you won't do anything...

    They don't want the young ones to get married too young, but we all know they get married young to have sex. Then the lust wears off & the two are stuck with each other...can't get to know your mate because of chaperone's. So it would be better for them to masturbate. But like anything, there should be a humans we tend to go overboard...with anything...

    Masturbation is not sinful...having a lot of sex with a lot of partners and just playing with ones heart...that to me that's sinful..


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