Daily text for 12-7-2016 Gods promises "Dynamic"?

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  • NikL

    Wife read me the daily text this morning out of the blue this morning and a couple of sentences stuck out in my head.

    All of Jehovah’s promises are dynamic, not static, because he is constantly working toward their fulfillment. (Isa. 46:10; 55:11) Once a person realizes this about Jehovah’s Word, what he reads in the Bible can exert a powerful force in his life.

    Do these two sentences make sense? Maybe I had too much single malt last night but it almost seems like someone was trying to use words the average witness doesn't understand to say in effect "Gods promises change all the time".

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Sounds like they are trying to justify themselves as usual. A new doctrine in the early stage of being born: "Dynamic Jehovah". He's always changing his mind 'cos he is constantly working to fulfil his promises.

    Jehovah or Yahweh was the construct of the minds of the people of Palestine, probably introduced by their truly dynamic sea-faring neighbours the Phoenicians.

    Long story short: Jehovah never does anything ever, because he never lived!

    His so called "promises" are only of use to religious demagogues like the leadership of the JW org.

    I do like their comment

    Once a person realizes this about Jehovah’s Word, what he reads in the Bible can exert a powerful force in his life.

    The JW org speaks as if it actually knows something useful here . . . but all it does is create higher fences to contain the sheep within the fold.

  • Londo111

    Underlying message: why aren’t YOU more dynamic? Get moving. Do more!

    Question for the writer of this article: Why would something dynamic wait for a person’s realization before it exerts ‘a powerful force’. That doesn’t seem that dynamic.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Maybe there is a "type and antitype" application here. Better do more research.

    You are looking at a turd in a toilet and wondering what it could mean.

    Maybe it's just a turd.

  • sir82

    Sounds like something a politician would use:

    "Broken campaign promises? Not at all! My campaign promises were dynamic, not static! When I said them they meant one thing, and now, presto change-o zippity-do-da! They mean something else! Aren't you happy that I'm so dynamic?"

  • Darkknight757

    Seems like more "wait and see" bullshit from the org. That attitude has lead many to face retirement age with no savings and having to work menial jobs till they die.


    All of Jehovah’s promises are dynamic,

    In WatchTower World.....WatchTower = Jehovah..

    All of WatchTowers promises are BullShit ..

    The Generation of 1914 is dead..Watchtower/False Religion is still here..

    Image result for watchtower 1914..Image result for watchtower the end of false religion is near

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    "Dynamic" is just another buzzword becoming more popular at the moment. You could substitute "ever-changeable, washy-washy, work in progress, pie-in-the-sky, etc., etc."

    sir82 has it pegged.

    It's kinda like when JW's say, "Sometimes you can't understand Bible prophecy until it's fulfilled." Think about that vacuous statement. It undermines the very purpose of prophecy. Anyone could say, "I knew that was gonna happen. Remember when I said "something vague that a could be interpreted in a thousand different ways." Just about any statement made by anyone at any time can be massaged to seem to have predicted whatever you want it to.

  • steve2

    New improved formula! Buy now!

  • jwfacts
    That paragraph is like some motivational meme that sounds impressive but is vague and meaningless. Watchtower should start writing horoscopes.

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