Evolution or Creation Poll

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    it may be that evolution needs to be modified in unexpected ways - good point, but note that scientists argue over how evolution happened. Not whether it happened.

  • cofty

    I echo LUHE.

    There are many details about evolution that are uncertain but the fact that every species, including humans, evolved from a common ancestor is as settled as the fact that the earth is not flat.

    It will still be true after all the discoveries of the next 10,000 years. There is no serious debate among scientists on this basic fact. It is only most Muslims and a minority of fundy xtians who reject it.

    (According to SBF the shape of the earth is nothing but a personal opinion)

  • Vanderhoven7


    "...it may be that evolution needs to be modified in unexpected ways, or even replaced by a different theory, as human knowledge progresses, since that is the pattern of the history of scientific knowledge in general."

    It seems that Stephen Meyer agrees with you as well.

  • LV101

    Vander - I can't wait to watch this video - thanks for the share.

    COFTY -- I hope you watch and critique it to help us here.

  • cofty

    Yes I think I will have to do that when I get time.

    Vander - why do you chose the most ignorant, ill-informed, unqualified buffoons on the internet to support your superstitions?

    I appreciate that ad hominem attacks are not an answer but really could you not find somebody more credible? Steven Myer isn't even a scientist. He is the founder of the Discovery Institute - a thoroughly discredited shower of charlatans.

  • cofty

    Vander - Serious question - What books that present the scientific evidence for evolution have you read?

    If you do answer this question honestly you will be the first.

  • slimboyfat
  • cofty

    Listening to David Berlinski drone on about probability is like listening to an old drunk in the pub.

    I dipped into the video and he was trying to deny the evolution of whales by listing all the differences between a whale and a cow.

    The evidence for the origin of aquatic mammals is outstanding. A whole series of intermediate species has been found in Pakistan in recent decades. Even more recently the evidence from comparative DNA has put the matter beyond debate. It is exactly the sort of evidence we use every day to convict murderers and rapists.

    The field of evolutionary developmental biology has described how large changes in morphology result from small mutations of control genes.

    The only possible excuse we could make for Belinski is if this conversation happened 50 years ago. The fact that anybody today finds his waffle interesting is tragic.

  • cofty

    Vander - Serious question - What books that present the scientific evidence for evolution have you read?

    Same goes for the other 15 who voted against evolution.

    I am certain the answer is zero and equally certain nobody will admit to it.

    Evolution is a Fact Parts 1-40...

  • slimboyfat

    Do you think you know more about evolutionary theory than Berlinski? I find this doubtful. He says there should be room to ask questions, and I agree. Such as why there appear to be limits to how far we are able to “evolve” species in experimental conditions: insects and so on. Should species be infinitely malleable if Darwinian evolution is true?And how can we argue that similarities between species show common ancestry when there are similarities between species that don’t share close ancestry? That’s an interesting question! He also makes the reasonable point that physics has a more secure theoretical and experimental base than evolutionary biology, yet somehow it’s more acceptable to talk about current paradigms in physics being superseded. Why is that? It’s almost as if belief in Darwinian evolution is sacred and not to be questioned: almost like a religious creed.

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