Birthday. 2 years old.

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  • punkofnice

    Why, thank you heartsy. What can I treat myself to? Thinks hard. Will see at the time.

    I do have to say the b/day cake was lovely. Happy Birthday in 2 languages written on it. English and Polish. It was fun to see my GD using Polish words to her Polish fam and english to my side. If I use a Polish word to her she looks at me confused. She's quite a bright spark. But then I would say that!

  • Divergent
    Wishing a happy birthday to little miss Punk! =)
  • punkofnice
    Thank you divergy. Much appreciated.
  • tiki
    So sweet!!! Happy birthday to the toddler and glad grandaddy is enjoying her so!!
  • punkofnice
    Thanks, Tiki. It's certainly happifying and not angrifying :)
  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine

    Love hearing stories like this. So glad you and your family had such a special day. Wishing your grand daughter a lifetime of happy b-days!

    So stupid that the gb tells kids that it makes jah sad when kids have fun celebrating their b-days.

  • punkofnice

    CtF - Thank you. Yes, it was wonderful to see the little girl so happy. It made me loathe my upbringing in the watchtower corporation even more. The watchtower corporation is a vile, cruel, criminal and abusive cult.

    I hope my lil' princess has a long happy watchtower free life.

  • Cangie
    Hey ya' been? Happy birthday to your little lady. I've got 2 of those myself...aren't they just the sweetest things? I think the person who has the most fun at their b'days is ME having a good time watching them enjoy it!
  • punkofnice
    Hey Cangie - I and I survive. It's great to give. It's great to see happiness. Good on ya!

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