can you still record the talks at assemblies?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks to Darkspilver for posting those verbatim guidelines.

    They are indeed the exact spiel announced at every convention now.

  • greenhornet

    Wow, things have changed. When I was "in" it was cassette recording they have out put jacks on tables on the back wall. now its on the internet.

    It puzzles me that the recordings are for personal use and not for major distribution. But yet the talks are on the internet for major distribution.

    there rules were confusing to me. when I finely understood what was going on then they change them again.

  • exjwlemming

    I can't imagine listening to the convention talks a second time. I could stand listening to them the first time! I use to get a kick out of the "super brothers" who would sit in the far back of the venue, centered on the stage. They would set up a tripod and a video camera and capture the whole assembly on video, switching out batteries during the announcements. I wonder if he made his family watch the assemblies again in the privacy of their home. Sheesh! Poor kids.

  • _Morpheus

    Interesting fact, pale:

    bro mac is the one who caused the recording of talks to be shut down. He got world wide jw fame as a speaker and here on the east coast of the usa he had GROUPIES, honest to god fucking groupies, who would follow him around. He gave a talk at our hall.. attendance wemt from a norm of 110 ish to an astounding 250+!!!! We had to turn people away, including regular congregation members. It was awful.

    Long and short, eventually bethel heavies got tired of his following and mac himself crossed the line: he started autographing CD’s. They called it “worship of men” and shut him down and started comming down hard on the recording of talks. He eventually was allowed to start giving talks again of course....

  • greenhornet

    How can I get a signed DVD of Steven Lett making gestures and faces?

  • skin
    Any recordings of this program should be for
    your personal use or for the benefit of those unable to attend a convention this year.
    Recordings should not be made available for general circulation or distribution.

    Recordings should not be made available for general circulation or distribution. Why not? I was always told that Jehovah has asked only us to proclaim this very important life saving message, why aren't recordings of conventions also to be used to proclaim Bible truth?

    Leading up to each convention, we go out inviting witnessing everyone in our community to attend these conventions. So its OK to attend and listen but not OK to listen to a recording of it?

  • JakeM2012

    I think most of the video recording or yesteryear was for them to have something to do and a reason to get up. It took the boredom away to a limited degree and helped the day pass. They didn't have to take notes because they were recording it and they could sleep.

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