can you still record the talks at assemblies?

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  • greenhornet

    Years ago my parents would record these talks and play them back all the time. When they both died, We cleaned out the house and found 50 plus cassette tapes of recorded talks and they were labeled the year and the speaker at the time. That was in the year 2000. We just gave them to there JW friends because I did not want to keep them for recording of music. ( was into Cds at the time) My ? is , do they still provide the audio jacks for tape cassette recording or they now frown on that practice? Just curious.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Sometime in the late 90's they discouraged taping talks. CO's complained that some were getting a following via such tapes. Others complained they were running out of material because everyone had heard their best talks. Then there was directive that only elders could record district talks and would control who could hear them. Now they are online I believe, no need to record them.

  • zeb

    listen to convention talks.. twice? Havent the jw got absolutely NOTHING else to do?

  • purrpurr

    Attendants often harass those who have a recording machine, they will try to embarrass the people who are using it continually throughout the assembly day. Claiming that its taking up a seat/ in the way if on the floor.

    I'm sure this is because they are directed to do so.

  • punkofnice

    Wassy is correct.

    I see this as another form of information control.

    Think of all the embarrassing 'old light(tm)' the WBT$ don't want you to hear.

  • pale.emperor

    I remember they used to announce for the convention platform that any recordings should not be shares. So even if they've tried to stop it i think they know people still do it.

    When i was in, i was constantly harassed by elders and their cronies to transfer cassette tapes to mp3 and/or put them on a CD for them (i was the tech savvy one in the KH) but they'd also warn ME not to share them around (hypocrisy?). As a result i ended up with quite a collection of talks on my computer from UK and USA. It's interesting that the elders would ignore the convention announcement about not sharing them.

    I remember listening to a few talks from Bro. Mack (an American) he was a very good speaker.

  • darkspilver

    Short answer: Yes - it is announced at the start of the assembly

    greenhornet: Years ago my parents would record these talks and play them back all the time.

    I think it has gone out of 'fashion' to (audio) record the assemblies.

    It would often be done for ones unable to attend - BUT the WT now provide video recordings of all the assemblies anyway (but not for each circuit - the recording will not normally be 'your' assembly).

    TBH, nowadays, if JWs want something 'extra' to listen to, they just pop on re-runs of the JW TV monthly broadcasts

    greenhornet: do they still provide the audio jacks for tape cassette recording or they now frown on that practice?

    Pardon???? What is a 'tape cassette'???? haha - anyone still actually use them

    Actually, at many conventions, they provide a live radio broadcast of the programme that can be recorded by a mp3 player - much, much easier to record!

    Recordings are allowed - there is an announcement about them before the start of each day's session for example:

    We extend a warm welcome to one and all!

    We are delighted to be assembled together for this opening session of the “Don’t Give Up!” Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses!

    Please note that the entire program is also being broadcast simultaneously on FM frequency XXX.

    Any recordings of this program should be for your personal use or for the benefit of those unable to attend a convention this year.

    Recordings should not be made available for general circulation or distribution.

    Please bear in mind that no one is allowed on or around the stage to take pictures or to video record at any time during the convention program.

    Although cameras, video recorders, electronic tablets, and other such devices are permitted if operated from your seat, when they are held up to take pictures or to record video, these devices can be distracting to those behind you. So please be considerate of others by not disturbing them or blocking their view.

    Please do not use flash cameras during the program.

    No cameras or recording devices are to be connected to the electrical or sound systems at the convention, nor should equipment be placed in aisles or in traffic areas.


  • stillin

    The local elders will provide a link for any who may have missed the convention. That link will only be up for a limited time. That's the "approved " way.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember back in the 1970's to I think 1990 you would see a table setup for the friends to record the programs. The table would be in front of a speaker and out of the way so there was no blocking the view of the friends. Then in the mid 1990's video cameras started poping up. None of it was very good quality. Still Totally ADD

  • punkofnice
    STADD - None of it was very good quality.

    That just about sums up the a$$emb£ies as a whole.

    I have hundreds of talks on CD gathering dust. The dust is actually more interesting than the propaganda on the discs.

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