Can't Understand Why This Is Allowed

by mariet 18 Replies latest jw experiences

  • eyeuse2badub

    I like the idea of "the cart" and "the anti cart" witnessing scenario! Another 'good' vs. 'evil' situation that will unravel only to reveal TRUTH!

    just saying!


  • JustVisting
    They most certainly have the right to be there...sitting, chatting, texting, checking email, reading the e-WT, gossiping, and seldom making placements much less actually talking to anyone.
  • just fine
    just fine

    I agree everyone has freedom of speech, but I shouldn't be harassed or intimidated at the local library. Go see the County Attorney in person and explain why you feel they should not be there. They should not be allowed in a place where I would frequent that would make me uncomfortable or unwelcome, if you are shunned mention how awful they are to those who have left, and how it hinders your enjoyment of the library.

    They will go away the minute anyone tries to challenge them, so challenge them. Go to the library every day, send your friends on the days you can't be there.

  • Finkelstein

    Why are they allowed to peddle their literature , taking advantage of a public paid for facility ?

    I know if the JWS set up a table or stand right in front the entrance to City Hall here they would be booted off quickly.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    MarieT - another Oregonian here. I never see them anywhere here in the capital city - I'm sure they are out there, but they hide out very well.

    I might suggest that you write another appeal to the Library admin and send them some quotes from WT literature that are negative toward JWs reading other books and literature and being negative about their own children (and adults) from getting a higher education. In effect, they are distributing literature and expounding on their logic of all worldly books and expanded learning in world affairs, politics, other religions, and science - essentially exactly why the library exists in the first place - providing those books, periodicals, videos, and other resources to the community.

    Maybe that will get their attention. They could ask JW representatives to come and meet with them and explain their public rejection of higher education and worldly learning. Have them ask for samples of WT literature encouraging their kids to go to the library frequently, to study science and history - or to read classic literature. Since none of that exists, but plenty of WT literature is available that rejects "worldly learning," maybe they would treat the WT reps the same way as they would someone passing out racist or inflammatory political tracts. Ask them if they would let Hari Krishnas dance on the steps and beg for money? Would they let the Westboro Church set up on the steps and wave their anti-gay and anti-veteran signs?

    Ask them if they would be willing to let any church, cult, or radical political group set up racks on the steps? Maybe you could go to other nearby communities and ask their library administrators if they would let JWs set up on their steps or in their lobbies. If not, ask them why not and how they would stop the JWs from doing that? Have the city council pass a law or a set of guidelines that the library could refer to?

    Even if you fail completely, just think of the great anti-witness you would present as you visit all these community leaders. Sometimes politicians can get their lawyers to find an angle that will work. On the other hand, who knows? Maybe the WT is looking for a "freedom of religion" case they can promote to divert everyone from all the child abuse cases they are involved in.


  • freddo

    If you want rid and want to put in the effort then work out when they put up their display.

    Make a placard. "Google Jehovah Witnesses Child Abuse" or "Google Jehovah Witnesses shun ex-members". (Spell it as shown here to really irritate them.)

    Stand close to their cart a few times. Smile wide and say "Good morning cult members."

    Stand silently with your placard.

    They will run away.

  • Vidiot

    mariet - "...Can't Understand Why This Is Allowed..."

    'Cause if it's not, it's "persecution"!!!!

  • Elgiard
    First amendment. I'm with the county on this one.
  • Jeffro

    just fine:

    Would they allow hate speech? Because that is what the message about the LGBT community is from the witnesses.

    Unless they are actually saying things about the LGBT community on the library porch, that is entirely irrelevant.

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