New light!.....DFed without being DFed

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  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes


  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    Londo...BINGO!!...That is true, but it seems that in the matter of Apostasy they are reaching new levels of desperation to control the battlefield.


    I was summoned to a JC and just kept excusing myself from attending any of their proposed dates and times until they sent me a final SMS saying if I did not attend that one they would proceed without me [Now go ponder that too - ie we have predestined the outcome anyway]

    I told them that I was most interested in coming before them and would attend this finale.

    So I then sent them an Attorneys letter in which the Attorney informed them that he would be representing me at this JC and that he thus required "all the relevant files, info, documents, charge sheet" etc etc

    They never came back after that !

    BUT My wife and I are Totally Shunned by them anyway. I have no knowledge of whether they held a Marking Talk before this time ?

    Don't be scared to spend a $$ or 2 and get a legal person involved /

    Lawyer also cautioned them not to permit any scandal, gossip etc to be made against us or else...

  • LongHairGal


    I hope your baby is doing well.

    With regard to the Witness who cleans your house who is encouraged to drop you on the advice of the religion: .. I would not be able to stomach a spy in my home who carries back intel to her handlers . How could you stand it? This is an enemy under your roof.

    Good riddance. Get somebody else. You will be able to relax and concentrate on important things like your family instead of worrying about this.

  • Darkknight757

    LongHairGal: You make a good point and perhaps it was something she discovered while cleaning that made her second guess the decision. Honestly we just felt really sorry for her and her family. They are strapped financially and while we are not swimming in money, we are doing well enough to help out an old friend. Besides, she has proven to be trustworthy over the years. My wife could leave her to go to Yoga and nothing ever went missing.

    Its unfortunate that these "busybody" elders don't heed their own council not to be meddlers in other people's affairs. For good people like TPTT and the others that get slandered like this is absolutely absurd. Don't the elduuurs have enough to deal with?

    By the way thanks for asking about "Little One" LongHairGal. She has been home a little over a week and is doing very well. She at last weight was 4 pounds 2 oz and 16 and 1/3 inches long. We measured her this morning and she is a little over 17 inches but we haven't weighed her yet. She's amazing!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "For your part, brothers, do not give up in doing good. But if anyone is not obedient to our word through this letter, keep this one marked and stopped associating with him, so that he may become ashamed. And yet do not be considering him as an enemy, but continuing admonishing him as a brother." -- 2 Thessalonians 3:13-15. [bold added]

    Years ago, my take-no-nonsense JW friend and I spoke regularly with our mutual "marked" friend, even after he was disfellowshipped. At the KH, No Nonsense was talking to Marked and subsequently taken aside and counseled for talking to him. Scripturally smart and keen of mind, No Nonsense quoted Paul's words and asked why, in the Kingdom Hall (of all places), can't I encourage my spiritually ailing brother? He's not my enemy.

    How do you spell "back down"?

  • Marie33

    So the the cesspool of gossip and slander (that's in every Kingdom Hall) is now official. Wow, but


  • ToesUp

    Part of a quote I remember...."when a toxic person can not control you, they will control how others see you."

    So true! I have had a family member (uber JW) try and do this to us. My attitude...who cares, I don't want to be around those ones who believe others sh*t anyways. We are spending our time in a more productive life after Watchtower.

    When you bump into still in JW's who shun you, act as happy as you can be. Smile and act happy, that is what they hate most!!! It really pisses them off. After all, they are stuck in a cult, NOT ME!!! lol

  • ToesUp


    So happy to hear of the progress of your little one. We were talking about you last week and wondering how you all were doing. Great news!!!! Congrats!!!

  • helpmeout

    This happened to my wife and me last year. We refused to allow the elders to bully us into letting them intrude in our family life. They continued to bully us using talks and comments to belittle us. Our response was to completely ignore them while maintaining pleasant relationships with all others in the congregation. We never openly criticized them. We simply refused to talk to them. Rather than leave us alone, like normal people would do, they went out of their way to put us in positions where it was obvious that we were ignoring them. Then they gave a marking talk and compared us to Korah. My wife was devastated. She has since realized what a shallow, judgemental group of people they are. She has also come to realize that this organization gives no voice to victims. We have not attended for over a year now. We are enjoying our time together more than we ever have. Our family is closer then ever.

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