Family division

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  • jwundubbed

    The question now is only about preserving my family and helping them see that they need to leave too.

    You can't make someone see that they have the wrong faith. It is a deeply personal choice that each person has to make and trying to convince them otherwise will push them away. Instead make them feel safe in whatever choice they do make. Support them in their choices and show them love. Show them that you are happy being out of it. Focus on the positives. And love and support them even if they decide to stick with it. This is basic human nature at work.

  • joao


    Yes, you're right. And that's the reason why it hurts so much to see my loved ones still cooperating with this evil corporation! They are wasting our precious time...

  • joao


    Thank you for your advice.

    Later today I'll try to share some more info that might help understand a little better how I feel.

  • joao

    Hi everybody!

    The situation with my wife is calm now. I think she understood my point of view and, for now, she will remain a PIMO.

    Our younger daughter is another subject... She is aware of some of the issues in the JWs and we'll go on trying to help her see the whole picture calmly.

    Time will solve the problem, I hope.

  • Smiles

    Great news!

    You sound like a resilient family. Maintain that calm environment. Family first!

    You can definitely do this, together.

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