A call for JW lurkers to set matters straight!!!!!

by James Mixon 18 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I know there is a elder out there, sitting in your den, shades closed, the wife asleep and

    you are on line. I know you would love to punch me in the mouth. We are lying to folks

    here, speaking garbage. We are folks that couldn't live up to Jehovah's standards, we are

    independent thinkers. I don't know if the policy have changed but there was a time when

    Elders could talk to DF ones. I was told by my Elder brother I need to come to the meetings

    so that Jehovah will shower me with his knowledge and free me from Satan. Well I have a surprise

    for you, there are those sitting next to you at every meeting, fellow elder who think it's all BS.

    Now if you are viewing something on the net that may get you in trouble (nudity), well I may

    understand you are only human but when you are finish give us a shout.

    OK folks this is my last try to communicate with the other side. I hear birds tweeting.

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Most JW's or those who believe many of the teachings such as myself usually wont speak up. Why? Because a group of bully atheists, homosexuals and apostates will gang up on you and do the exact thing they blame the JW's for doing. Yeah, real inviting.

    Most JW's or those who believe many of the teachings such as myself

    usually wont speak up. Why?.....Makemeanunbeliever

    .......Your Easily Exposed..

    .......Image result for Watchtower logo


  • talesin
    a group of bully atheists, homosexuals and apostates

    Well, that's a motley crew, isn't it? :P

  • GoneAwol

    Makemeanunbeliever: If you just open your mind you would see the dubs are full of shite. You afraid that opening your mind might make your brain fall out?

    The 'truth' should be able to stand up to lies. What are you really afraid of? That the 'suit of armour' you should have put on isn't capable of withstanding apostate missiles?

    Or, you havn't made the 'truth' your own? You're scared that you may be weak even though you think you're strong in the truth?

    Us apostates, homosexuals and atheists, or 'normal people' to everyone else are NOT your enemies.

    Open that mind of yours. Honestly, your brain wont fall out. Nothing to be scared of here.

  • jhine

    Makemean , again you leave out a group to rant at ! I introduced myself on another thread . I am not homosexual , not an apostate , not an atheist . I am a Trinitarian , Bible reading Christian and you did not acknowledge my last post to you .

    What have you got against me ? Am I not worthy of being insulted ?

    If people come down hard on JW apologists it is because we have all seen the devastation wrought by the org . Most on here have been at the sharp end of it , and your unloving , harsh attitude only serves to give a bad impression of the org .


  • DJS

    Make me,

    Yeah, those bully Homos are the worst. Especially the dykes. And it's not like anyone ever picked on Them.

    Those bully homos are everwhere, not just on this site. Just last week 3 of them forced their way into my house. Two of them held me down and one of them fixed my hair. I'm still suffering from their bullying. But I do love my haircut.

    Life was sooo much better when the Homos knew their place, didnt have equal rights and we could hate, mock and deride them while they were hiding in their closets. And feel superior doing so.

    Don't worry bunky, your homicidal god and his homicidal son will soon take care of those bully homos. And 7.7 billion others.

    I have, however, heard a rumor that Jesus Loves lipstick lesbians girl on girl (really, don't we all). Can you deal with them in the paradise bunky?

  • Phizzy

    Jehovah's Witness Apologists are as rare as Rocking Horse Poo on here. If one should stick her or his head above the parapet, please folks, be kind,compassionate and empathetic.

    10 years ago I would have defended the JW's, as best I could at the time.

    I would love the chance to debate with one.

  • Vidiot
    At the very least, this forum proves that a still-in JW can anonymously say what they really feel and that "Jehovah's Holy Spirit" won't magically maneuver reality so that he gets busted for it.

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