Kingdumb songs, will they someday make the top 25 Religious Hymns???

by James Mixon 41 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • tepidpoultry

    Well it would have have to be after Uncle Joe's death 1945 (?) as he

    banned music in the Kingdom Halls,

    I love Uncle Joe


  • stillin

    Kingdumb Songs will mostly vanish for aye. Like the mendacious men.

  • btlc

    Ah, memories...


    Kingdumb songs are the worst. Bible studies laughed and the WT conductor made fun of the song on Sunday.

    Maybe the WTBTS will make a musical? Their new "worldly" Sinatra-wannabe/ video star could "take the lead." 😎


  • sparky1

    Wow btlc.......................This Fall I was cleaning out my barn and threw away this entire collection of 'Kingdom Melodies'.

    edit: Welcome to the forum, btlc. The photo of the record albums was a nice touch!

  • tepidpoultry

    Do you think that the music has been getter or worse over the years?


  • Londo111

    I think it's part of the sign of the last days... :)

  • btlc

    @sparky1 ty! This was a rarely used, spare set in our cong in the mid of 1980', I was in charge for gramophone, and elder told me: "Take care of this vinyl, bro" so I took care :)

  • sir82

    I always liked how they had to force 2 syllable words into one syllable to make the rhymes work.

    There was one where they rhymed "heav'n" (heaven) with "giv'n" (given).

    It was like forcing yourself to sing with a speech impediment.

  • BluesBrother

    The tread title must compete for the most ludicrous ever ! (not meaning to be offensive, just stating my contempt for the new songs)... This bunch of ditties deserve to be consigned to the trash can of lamentable failures.

    Trouble is the "sheep" all say how much they like them. They either fib or have no musical taste whatsoever ...Thankfully Sis Blues doesn't , though, her disgust is greater than mine..

    Some of them are surprisingly funky, in a crappy sort of way..I don't know how to upload an mp3 to this site , but the music to song 142 which they sung last Sunday was rather jaunty.. no good for choral singing though

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