Church gets own police force - are the Dubs next?

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  • NikL

    On a side note, they've started locking the doors at our hall after the meeting starts.

    All the more reason to be late I guess :-) (oops locked out!)

    No kh I have ever been into had fire push-release doors.

    In California there would be a big fine for not having push release doors.

  • Spoletta

    We have fire push-release doors. After they see you on the monitors, someone will come and let you in, I guess it's to keep out the terrorists.

  • blondie

    I agree, no push release doors, fire it anonymously, the life you save may be yours. Not accessible from outside, but people inside can just push and door releases.

  • blondie

    J. F. Rutherford walking with Nathan Knorr and Hayden Covington

    Rutherford with 2 bodyguards at conventions (canes in hands)

  • blondie
  • OrphanCrow

    Blondie, Rutherford's security force was described by journalists, too. The canes they carried were meant for crowd control. There was a cane incident at Madison Square, too, wasn't there?

    From the St Louis "Globe Democrat" 1941:

    When he arrives at the Arena a double line of husky well-instructed men link arms to shield him. Efficient flying squads block any approach near him in the building, while at least two guard are on duty at each of four landings in the arena stairway leading to the fourth-floor administration offices.

    The Judge takes the elevator. Others must walk, explaining their mission four times en route. Few survive the gauntlet. Rutherford said he tries to make himself available to any Witness, but his subordinates explain they are seeking to conserve his strength.
    Before and after addresses from the speakers' platform, the guard is even tighter. He arrives only seconds before he begins to talk and is whisked to an automobile before the concluding applause dies out. The audience is cautioned not to whisper. Ushers have turned back everyone seeking to enter the auditorium with a pop-bottle in his hand. No one not wearing a "convention servant" ribbon is permitted within 50 feet of the platform.

  • blondie

    I was not alive then but my jw relatives from that period were shocked that they were prepared to hurt people and not depend on the police.

    There are usually some outside police force individually by some stadiums/coliseums/etc in the past but there were not there to act alone but to assess the situation and call for back up. At least the conventions I attended in the 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's and with my personal police contacts on the force.

    I don't imagine jws in Russia are or were told to physically resist the police.

  • OrphanCrow

    blondie: I was not alive then but my jw relatives from that period were shocked that they were prepared to hurt people and not depend on the police.

    I wasn't either but I imagine the justification came from them viewing it as "self defense". One of the WTs from 1939 said this:

    It was only after Rutherford took his cane to the grave, and the WT found out that it was more advantageous to play the victim card rather than pursue Rutherford's militant tendencies, that the passive, non-violent approach became the norm. Not only that, but they likely found out that canes can be pretty ineffective in the face of military power.

  • smiddy

    OrphanCrow---Defense-----Isnt that exactly the reason a nation goes to war to protect itself from an invader ?

  • TD


    Rutherford with 2 bodyguards at conventions (canes in hands)

    Are (were) those two gentlemen Knorr and Covington?

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