Church gets own police force - are the Dubs next?

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  • SadElder

    Just read this article in the Washington Times. Other sites have similar stories.

    Can you imagine the dubs with a sworn police force with arrest powers?

  • snowbird

    Alabama the Beautiful!



  • zeb

    "you are being detained as your dress code is not correct"

    " ditto....because you didn't look interested while brother drone gave his address"

  • GrreatTeacher

    Oh, wouldn't those convention attendants love that?

    Put some teeth behind those Please be Seated signs they carry in the hallways!

    "Sister, I've seen you pass this way twice. You're cruising, not looking for a bathroom! Now be seated before I seat ya myself!"

  • Funchback

    It would be interesting when a rogue apostate sets up shop on the convention grounds armed with a megaphone, expecting the usual swarming circle of brothers to surround him.

    Except this time, those attendants are packing heat and tazers...LOL!

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    A couple of facts to remember about this. The church that this bill is meant for at least initially who wanted to do it is a huge church. It has about 4000 members, it has a seminary, a school and daycare. Second the officers would be sworn officers so they could only enforce state law it can be likened to many colleges have a police force for their property, they can only patrol on their property and enforce state laws. Fourth, the ACLU of Alabama has already said they will sue over this.

    But churches have kind of done this to a degree already. The Mormon University BYU and the Catholic Notre Dame both have their own police force love.

  • blondie

    The Vatican is protected by Swiss Guards.

    At the conventions in the 30's, brothers with canes.

    1939 - convention guarded by armed "peace enforcers" (armed with 'stout canes') against a mob of catholics inspired by a the radical/semi-fascist Father Coughlin. No actual violence breaks out. Rutherford publishes the now-JW-accepted description of 'kings in heaven (144,000)' and 'Jonadabs' (faithful ones who live forever on earth).

  • Spoletta

    As Buffalo Springfield pointed out "Paranoia runs deep". On a side note, they've started locking the doors at our hall after the meeting starts.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I think the WT is way to cheap to undertake something like this. Even if the 'police' are all volunteers from the congregation, it would still cost money that could be better spent printing publications and silencing sexually abused children. You also have to ask yourself why? Do JWs actually feel unsafe in their kingdom halls? Is the off chance that some ex-jw basket case will enter a KH one evening with a submachine gun and shoot the place full of holes justify a police force? The cost would far outweigh the benefits.

    Spoletta: On a side note, they've started locking the doors at our hall after the meeting starts.

    Holy shit! That's creepy. Isn't it a fire code violation?

  • zeb

    No kh I have ever been into had fire push-release doors.

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