Searching for those who "know" TTAT

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  • Perry

    How about this:

    I recently was challenged by someone to defend the WT's teaching that Jesus isn't the Mediator for the Great Crowd. Since this wasn't a teaching the apostles knew about, how can we explain that we are not under the curse in Galatians:

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Gal. 1: 8

  • LevelThePlayingField

    As you can see from the answers so far given, there is no magic bullet. You just have to be careful. I would recommend talking to this person carefully and perhaps ask what they think about the new generation teaching. Although they may not agree with it, but they may tell you that they do out of fear, ask them then, "have you noticed that it seemed like in the past we could question things, but now for example, if we don't agree with the generation teaching we can't really question it?" And just see what he says. He may perk up a little. That may break the ice if he really know TTATT. If he's a little paranoid, he may just say yeah I noticed that, and that's it. But then you could continue on with, "well, if we have sincere questions about something, shouldn't we be allowed to question things? I mean we were allowed to questions things when we began to study the Bible right?" He may now open up even more and drop his guard because you are not attacking anything. Then you could say, "I just wish it was more like that. I sure enjoy talking to you. It's so easy talking to you." And then maybe the next time you could go to the next level and even just ask him if he's ever heard of TTATT and if he asks, "no, what's that?". Just say, "oh, no, it's just a new programming technique I read about for the playstation." or just make something up. Or you could say, "I said did you hear of that". Then he would say, "hear of what?" Then just have something in mind ahead of time, and you're all set!! Say, oh, that new movie about... or whatever. If he looks at you weird, don't worry. I'm sure he won't go home and Google tat, and certaintly won't Google ttatt. So we're safe.

    Give that a whirl.

  • naazira
    Just say you have a co worker or relative, old friend- that is disfellowshipped and talk on about how hard it is to shun someone you respect/love. Then ask them what would they do in that situation. If they say , they'd uphold the loving provision of shunning to please Jehova then you have your answer. But if they say hmmm it is hard to say , that means there's hope!
  • EdenOne

    Maybe what we need is a secret apostate sign ("T" for TTAT)


  • stillin
    In the right circumstance, I might use the actual phrase, like, "the truth about the truth is that it's true." Most would chalk it up as another one of Stillin's off the wall comments. But any of the awake class might pick up on it.
  • stuckinarut2
    It's often not WHAT is said, but HOW a person acts that is more telling.
  • Tornintwo

    "I always thought the truth would set you free, but to be honest, I find the truth is getting me down at the moment, making me feel restricted, guilty and never good enough - do you ever feel like that?"

    If they are still in they will try to 'help' you with your doubts/depression but if out they might just open up...

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