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  • tornapart

    You paint such vivid pictures with your words CoCo, it's a beautiful painting.

  • LV101

    CC - so soothing. Your magnificence of prose a beautiful gift.

    This humbling/challenging endurance certainly robs our mind's observation of beauty. I'll take a shot of that warmth.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    je.suis.oisif, Xanthippe, tornapart, and LV101:

    We never know how a few words might affect another person -- for good or for bad! I really do appreciate getting your perspective.

    In "Healing," the person incapacitated may be so spiritually, mentally, emotionally -- not necessarily physically. That "long-entrenched despair" has held many of us captive for years, and now we are free (relatively speaking, of course). We have been renewed internally and we are alive!



  • millie210

    This was a writing one feels rather than reads....

    If ever anyone could use mere letters arranged in such a way that it feels like warm honey being poured over a soul, it is you CC .

    Such a touching reminder of the transcendent power that is so much more than our physical body.

    Thank you

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Your own words are balm to a troubled soul.

    You are welcome and thanks!


  • millie210

    You are very welcome.

    I really appreciate it when someone reminds me that we are so much more than a physical organism.

    There is hope and yearning and love and so on. Just as essential for our humanity as arms and legs.

    One of the struggles I have as I leave organized religion behind, is to address things that feed the soul and sprinkle the magic dust without being "religious" in an overt way.

    One of the reasons (I feel) that religions are so pervasive in their appeal is because they at least attempt to address that spot in people. Of course they do loads of harm along the way...

    that is what I love about your writing. You capture the humanity of being human.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    He looked into the mirror


    Who was that masked man anyway?

    He thought I don't know but I'd like to thank him

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Nancy:

    Wonderful seeing you again!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I FEEL THE SUN'S HEAT UPON MY SKIN, yet, too, the damp caress of a wafting fog only now come in from the sea.

    It matters not that eyes have long been dimmed to the marvels, the beauties of Nature, while I see her through memories recalled, vibrant in a rainbow of color . . .

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It seemed but yesterday though, Heaven knows,

    it has been millennia since I embarked upon that

    peaceful, dusty sleep.

    Then, so startling, comes the clarion call from

    quickened legions that the hour has arrived to

    rise and be awake.

    The celebration of Earth and Moon now beckons

    all to rejoice as Sky unfolds in regal splendor,

    while Earth proceeds to kiss our lovely Moon.

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