Facial Hair and J.W.'s

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  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    Do you think I should send this picture in for my Bethel application?

  • shamus

    I have a goatee. I wunder if they'd DF me for it... LOL!

    Elder to Brian: If you do not shave your beard, we will have to disfellowshiop you.

    Brian: Oh, I really will shave it next week... come by and see me!

    (next wee)

    Elder: You still didn't shave your beard!

    Brian: Oh, I had the flu. Come by next week. I promise it'll be gone.

    (next week)


    Brian: Oh, I have a skin condition right now... I wil shave next week, I promise!

    Elder: You have better...

    (next week)

    Elder: We are going to disfellowship you then.

    Brian: Oh, please don't ... I just couldn't afford a razor. Can you buy me one?

    Elder: OKayk, but it had better be gone by the next time I see you...

    Brian: I promise

    (next week)

    Elder: You still haven't shaved! What's going on?

    Brian: Oh, I must have missed a spot. Come by tomorrow, and I will be shaved.

    (next day)

    **Brian has a mowhawk....

    Elder: Looks at me and runs away.

    Brian: Throws rotten cabbage and mouldy weiners at said elder, screaming in jibberish about the moon rays and my brain...


    Brother XXX has been disfellowshipped. And with regard to other announcements, we would like to remind our brothers and sisters to hand in they're time.....

    (**suddenly, Brian runs naked through the kingdumb hall screaming that bats in my brain tell me what to do... as I rip a bats head off and throw the head at the elder on the platform...

    The story of how to get disfellowshipped for screwing with an elders mind.

  • Earnest

    I recently discussed this with a friend of mine who is a CO and he assured me that provided your grooming is neat there is no objection to facial hair. However, the local body of elders rules and if they decide it is not acceptable in your community there is little that can be done about it. I agree it is a relic of the 1960s and most elders would rather err on the side of caution than be seen to allow personal choice in the matter.

  • shamus
    most elders would rather err on the side of caution than be seen to allow personal choice in the matter.

    What a load of crap. Seriously!

    Outdated, outnumbered, and just plain stupid is how these old men are. They are like a grumpy old grandpa that no kid likes. I would rather eat snails than obey they're authoritay!

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