How long does it take to get a response from the branch office?

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  • slimboyfat

    Depends what you're asking:

    How can I donate my life savings to the worldwide work? Instantaneous

    have you noticed that the 1914 chronology doesn't work for this or that reason? Somewhere between six months and never.

  • Homer notsimpson
    Homer notsimpson

    This is good. Haha but details regarding a judicial comitee.. How long would that response take?

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Back in the days of the Isaiah book, I wrote in to question their dates/timeline being off. I got a 6-page letter back which defended their erroneous dates. My then P.O. asked if I understand the answer. I said yes, meaning I understood that it was B.S.

    I later wrote in because my husband was a permanently "inactive" JW. They wanted me to appoint a JW as my Healthcare Agent on my DPA. I wanted to be able to write on the document that my Healthcare Agent was only to make decisions regarding "non-blood medical management", and my husband was to make all other decisions. Of course, my elders couldn't advise me directly. I watied nearly a year with no answer. I sent a copy of the original letter with a new cover letter saying that this was an urgent matter.

    One afternoon within a few weeks, I got a call from Bethel asking for Sister Sail Away. It scared the hell out of me. He gave me the go ahead for my plan. I still wonder if they just didn't want to put their answer in writing.

  • jwleaks

    The generation that received your letter will respond to your letter.


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  • tepidpoultry

    Regarding Judicial matters there's a slow process going up the Totem

    Pole including the CO etc

    I don't believe they will respond to someone who "just wants to go to

    the top"

    In the event of a DFing make sure that you understand the Appeal

    Process clearly,

    Talk to more than one elder as that would be the time to do it

    Good Luck


  • NCC-1701

    At the urging of a Witness friend, I submitted a question to Brooklyn about their use Justus Lipsius' illustration of the crux simplex. I sent it in Late February last year. I received an interesting response.

    I think it was about 10 or 11 weeks later that 2 witnesses with whom I had earlier spoken to on separate occasions (neither of which were the witness who encouraged me to write the letter) arrived at my door to ask me some questions. Neither gave any indication that the branch had given them a response to give me and neither gave any indication that they knew of the contents of my query. ( My letter was sent to ask if they could provide any documentation from Lipsius' writings to indicate his belief that the crux simplex was indeed the instrument used in Christ's death). I didn't think of it at the time I wrote it, but they may have wanted to see if I had plans to publish or post their response in some way.

    I sent a message to my Witness friend, telling him about the non-answer I received and his response was; "it was nice that 2 brothers came by".

  • tepidpoultry

    Secret a a gent man

    Secret a a gent man

    The truth may be out there but not from us!

    I wonder if the elders like these reconnaissance calls?


  • joe134cd

    I knew some delegates who were traveling to my country for a special convention . Part of the condition of been a delegate was staying a certain number of nights in an assigned hotel. I told them to make enquiries to see if they could seek private accomodation with me. The indonesian branch never replied to their request at all. I was so pissed about it as I really wanted them to stay with me, and I knew they really couldn't afford the assigned motels. If only I had known TTATT back then and the various financial scams they have running it would if made a huge difference. Now that i look back on it what annoys me is that they took advantage of people from a poorer country who just wanted an interchange of encouragement and been built up spiritually.

  • tepidpoultry


    I was going over your initial question

    This wont be very accurate as the details regarding your situation are

    rather vague

    That being said, in the type of situations that you indicate,

    The local congregations are HIGHLY advised to handle matters


    With out involving the branch,

    I hope that helps,


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