Will Christ Be Ashamed To Claim P.IM.O.'s?

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  • IWant2Leave

    I am a P.I.M.O. I started my fade about two years ago and at present I have no intention of writing a disassociation letter. The pros and cons of being P.I.M.O. have been discussed on this forum many times. But for us flying under the radar, going along with W.T. teachings when we really don't believe, so that we can keep our family relationships, are we being cowards? Do you think that the Christ will disown us before his Father?

    (Mark 8:38)

  • pistolpete

    Do you think that the Christ will disown us before his Father?

    You might consider reading Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. You can buy it for about $2 dollars on amazon used.


  • Justaguy

    Consider spending less time worrying about your invisible sky daddy and work towards being at peace with your decisions.

    If you are good with your course of action your sky daddy will be too

  • Gorb

    Live day by day, don"t worry.

    Family will accept you, or not.

    We had no problems, only have to listen to their jw stories, and let them talk. Live easy.

    We moved to another town, that makes fading easy.

    Good Luck!


  • punkofnice
    Do you think that the Christ will disown us before his Father?

    It's no good asking me. I left the corrupt JW corporation and then went to Church. It was in Church I realised that there is no evidence that God actually exists. It's all just play acting.

    Faith is the excuse people give when there is no evidence.

    You might ask, what kind of God would do any of that? Why would someone in the sky be so narcissistic as to want to be worshipped? The Mafia boss that holds a gun to your face and proclaims that if you don't worship him, he'll shoot you..but that'll be YOUR fault.

    So, I wouldn't worry. If there is a God, how do you know it isn't Allah or Zeus? There really isn't any proof either way when you get down to brass tacks. That's my opinion at least. You may differ, and that's ok.

  • EverApostate
    Do you think that the Christ will disown us before his Father? (Mark 8:38)

    Seems you still believe in this Jesus Story. IMHO, do a lot of unbiased reaearch about this Biblical Jesus and you would be surprised to know that most likely he never Existed and atleast he never performed those miracles as said in the Bible and its all a myth

    You would find a lot of peace when you know the truth. The truth would set you free

  • peacefulpete

    Many (millions) people are no longer active JWs but carry baggage from their experience. I know some who fearfully refuse to renounce the GB, some who fear death in an impending doomsday, some who don't do holidays thinking "at least I don't do that". Its not surprising given the depth of the programming and methods of control used by the group. I used to say of such folks that they left for the wrong reasons. Some were kicked out for nonconformity, others left because of emotional abuse etc. They problem is, the programming must be addressed to be able to move on and start a new life. There are posters here for many years who still cling to aspects of the doctrine and identity. They may even see themselves as true JWs. My heart breaks for them. Always not good enough or always unable to embrace the larger world. Always outsiders.

  • punkofnice
  • shadowclone

    It does feel like a bit of a coward but I haven't found any other viable options. I still agree with many teachings, uncertain of some others and convinced some are wrong. 50 years of experience here. The meetings do help to regularly focus on spiritual matters. Many times even more focus due to higher demand of evidence to be convinced. A difficult position for sure, but trusting that Christ can read our hearts

  • MeanMrMustard

    Would a cucumber be ashamed of claiming PIMOs?

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