Interesting field service experiences

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  • slimboyfat

    I’ve been reading La Toya’s book and she says Michael Jackson sincerely believed in Watchtower but was hassled to the point that he quit. She claims that at one point the elders told him he could be disfellowshipped just for continuing to talk to La Toya despite the fact she was not disfellowshipped. She may not be the most reliable witness but her claims that Michael Jackson was a true believer and was hassled by his local elders ring true.

  • Gorb

    1) someone creepy let us in, and locked the door when we were in that house.

    2) an apartment house owner took the bag of my fs partner and trow everything inside over the railing.


  • punkofnice

    Nothing, really. I found the whole experience totally embarrassing.

    There was this bloke that slammed the door so hard that the glass shattered and flew out of his door.

    ....other than that, I've blanked those awful, depressing days out of my mind.

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