Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses - probably the most comprehensive compendium about Watchtower doctrinal changes

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    Obligatory Stephen Lett JW Broadcasting video:


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    Great references. Thank you much appreciated.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Relevant to changes in the blood doctrine... http://imgur.com/a/7lqEJ

    i.e., acceptance of a transfusion to be deplored, not necessarily disfellowshipped ; offending person to regarded mainly as "spiritually weak," not wicked. From 1958 Watchtower, I believe.

    In all, a much more enlightened, comparatively reasonable approach.

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    Hello everyone.

    I am happy to inform you that the paper version of the book JEHOVAH 'S WITNESSES' 'EVER-CHANGING TEACHINGS has appeared, thanks to a publisher from a distant country who decided to engage in its production.

    The book is printed individually and can be ordered at:

    Author of the book: Włodzimierz Bednarski

    I would add that it is worth having such a book in this form. :)

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