Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses - probably the most comprehensive compendium about Watchtower doctrinal changes

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    Two days ago a new book was released for download, called "Ever-changing teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses". It was originally written by a Polish JW scholar (who never was a JW himself) Włodzimierz Bednarski, with a help from Szymon Matusiak, who was a JW and an elder, and is a result of years of labourious work to compile quotes regarding every single doctrine the book describes. It covers the most important changes in years 1879—2015. It can be an invaluable resource for talking with still-in relatives and friends, to show them the extent of changes not only in the first years of Bible Students movement, but also those made recently. Especially when they were changing doctrines back-and-forth.

    I hope you'll like it!

  • ttdtt

    Thank you!

  • TimDrake1914

    This is going to be a great resource! Thank you!

  • slimboyfat
    Disappointed it doesn't seem to document changes in view about evolution. But it looks very informative.
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    WTS Archive


    Did they ever change their stance about evolution? If you have any supporting evidence about that let me know, and I'll forward it to the author.

  • slimboyfat

    See page 6 of The Photodrama of Creation for example, under the heading "The Fifth Day or Epoch".


  • ScenicViewer

    I never would have guessed this.

    Evolution of humans wasn't included, but Watchtower was definitely leaning toward the evolution of animals through a divinely guided process.

    Thanks Slimboyfat!

  • JHK

    Good news about good things!

  • slimboyfat

    See also pages 31 and 32 of The Divine Plan of the Ages.


    One theory regarding the creation (excepting man) by a process of evolution, to which we see no serious objection, we briefly state as follows: It assumes that the various species of the present are fixed and unchangeable so far as nature or kind is concerned, and though present natures may be developed to a much higher standard, even to perfection, these species or natures will forever be the same. This theory further assumes that none of these fixed species were originally created so, but that in the remote past they were developed from the earth, and by gradual processes of evolution from one form to another. These evolutions, under divinely established laws, in which changes of food and climate played an important part, may have continued until the fixed species, as at present seen, were established, beyond which change is impossible, the ultimate purpose of the Creator in this respect, to all appearance, having been reached. Though each of the various families of plants and animals is capable of improvement or of degradation, none of them is susceptible of change into, nor can they be produced from, other families or kinds. Though each of these may attain to the perfection of its own fixed nature, the Creator's design as to nature having been attained, further change in this respect is impossible.
    It is claimed that the original plants and animals, from which present fixed varieties came, became extinct before the creation of man. Skeletons and fossils of animals and plants which do not now exist, found deep below the earth's surface, favor this theory. This view neither ignores nor rejects the Bible teaching that man was a direct and perfect creation, made in the mental and moral image of his Maker, and not a development by a process of evolution, probably common to the remainder of creation. This view would in no sense invalidate, but would support, the Bible's claim, that nature as it is today teaches that an Intelligent Being ordered it, and was its first cause. Let human reason do her best to trace known facts to reasonable and competent causes, giving due credit to nature's laws in every case; but back of all the intricate machinery of nature is the hand of its great Author, the intelligent, omnipotent God.
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    Thank you! WTS Archive has quite a few things I would like to check out when my jw is not around.

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