Alex Jones, Infowars Ban on Youtube, FB and other platforms

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  • MeanMrMustard


    I don’t think he’s gone. For some reason the left thinks he was instrumental in getting Trump elected. But I don’t think any privately owned platform should be forced to host content they don’t want to host. This seems like another example of leftists hounding advertisers... I mean Alex Jones has been saying this stuff for years. Why now? My guess is that these platforms think he’s a liability because some small leftist group got traction with advertisers. If it was anything more than that, it means Jones was right.

    I bet his site is getting crap loads of traffic right now.

  • _Morpheus

    His site is getting TONS of traffic and he has gained 100k’s of followers on twitter, who didnt ban him. This is how it works. As popular as he is, he has the ablity to stay relevant. It hurts those who are not as popular when they are muted, but if this hurts fbook and other platforms (as it will to some degree) they may bot be so willing in the future to take similar action.

    Money talks, everything else walks.

  • Phigment2

    I passed over this thread a few times, because I didn't think it would go in the direction it has... JW's/ExJ's??? You know, as someone who left the cult over two decades ago, I sometimes forget how susceptible cult survivors are to cult mentality in other forms. Alex Jones literally feeds off the fear of others. His political agenda is that of tossing a grenade into a large crowd and wait and see what survives the blast. JW's get so used to looking for Armageddon around every corner, to find signs, that they become a prisoner of patterns, even when those patterns make zero sense. Alex was banned for offering to shoot Jeff Sessions for Trump. That isn't free speech! But hey, I'll play along. Here's some of Alex's best ideas...

    The death of Anthony Scalia links back to the illuminati

    Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance was a Satanic ritual

    Bill Gates is a eugenist trying to wipeout minorities through vaccines

    The government controls the weather

    "Pizzagate" aka Hillary Clinton is running a child molestation and trafficking ring through a pizza shop and even murdered some children.

    Glenn Beck is a CIA agent that worked for the Obama administration and helped cover up 9/11

    Government is using juice boxes to turn children gay

    ... but beyond this, he is simply a charlatan making a buck. He peddles his own vitamin products on his show and openly admitted in court that he is "playing a trick on the public" all in the form of free speech. Only, most of his followers don't get that he doesn't actually believe everything he peddles. He is a caricature whose made a great deal of money and fame from coming up with the most insane stories possible. Like pulling a tabloid off the shelves at the grocer. My problem with Jones isn't in his insanity or the depth of how far down he can stoop, My problem is that people believe his bull. It puts real lives at risk as people entangle themselves. Parents who've lost their children in a shooting now have to be the subjects of death threats from people who call them actors. A vigilante raided the pizza shop believing there would be children in a non existent basement. Who is going to shoot Jeff Sessions for Alex for Trump?

    I understand how easy it is to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole, but that's what they are, Conspiracy Theories. It's so important for people in cults to be aware of their own mental flaws. It isn't something you grow out of. So much time in the JW's rewrites your brain patterns and even if you leave, you will find the same patterns comforting. Remind yourself that they are dangerous!

  • ttdtt

    Sometimes when I read the comments I get the feeling that maybe its time for humans to give another species its shot at the top.

  • Jehalapeno

    Again, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    No one’s speech should be banned on a platform for free expression.

  • _Morpheus
    I passed over this thread a few times, because I didn't think it would go in the direction it has... JW's/ExJ's??? You know, as someone who left the cult over two decades ago, I sometimes forget how susceptible cult survivors are to cult mentality in other forms

    did you really read the comments? You know, actually think about what was said...? Or did you just click and jump to type the first ‘former cult members are still in a cult’ comment you could think of? Im betting the latter.

    Had you actually, you know, “read” the comments you wouldnt have found support for jones personally but rather support for the idea of free speech and engaging ideas, no matter how stupid they may be and fear that anyone group would dare to put themselves as arbitors of whats worthwhile or gate keepers of ideas.

    As always i encourage you to read what was actually written, not what you want to have been written.

  • Simon

    Some people don't seem able to looks beyond the obvious and immediate. They don't like Alex Jones so "yeah! ban him!". They just can't comprehend that a world where people can be silenced by corporations (and let's not kid ourselves that this isn't really politically motivated) is a more chilling world than one where a few nutters are allowed a voice.

    The same people who can't look ahead won't care of course because right now it's "their side" in control and doing the banning. Things change. Be careful what world you create because the people given the controls have a habit of changing and then you're left with power handed to people you don't actually like and agree with.

  • Phigment2

    I did read the whole thread and I see people using different excuses to defend Alex Jones, including those who think he has uncovered some "truths". I will reiterate that during his live stream he offered to murder the Attorney General. Free speech has limits. You cannot threaten the President without being prosecuted. Organizations labeled terrorists can't march through the streets, and you cannot threaten someone's life on social media without consequences.

  • _Morpheus

    Obviously you didnt. Perhaps you could share quotes backing your assertion.

    Also your wrong regarding threats to the president. Here is one i witnessed live:

    Never prosecuted. Not that it has any relevance, but i like showing actual proof of my statements.

  • redvip2000
    Theres a huge difference, btw, between banning trolls and banning ideas you personally dont like.

    Agreed...this is not some reputable personality or content creator, who happens to have differing opinion.

    This is a troll, who thrives on misinformation, slander and lies. There is no obligation to give him a platform.

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