The Wwatchtower turning into a real laughing Stock

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  • EdenOne
    Back in the day, the Org absolutely thrived on so-called "opposition"...

    The more I learn about the early days of Christianity, the more I see how christians hyped their fears of persecution as a tool for reinforcing their own faith, resolve and urge to proselytize. The accounts of “massive persecution” by Roman authorities have been greatly exaggerated by christian apologists like Eusebius of Caesarea and Tertulian, and martyrology became favorite literature among early christians; to the point that many exceedingly zealous christians thought that the only death worthy of a christian was that of a martyr. This caused that some christian apologists felt that they had to defend themselves against public opinion who thought they were suicidal.

    JW’s mentality is hyped in a similar way to thrive on the idea of opposition and persecution. They can’t handle the general public’s indifference.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Sometimes I watch a portion of the video on JW Broadcasting of a GB member giving a talk and I notice how excessive the facial expressions and body language are and it gives me the impression he is an actor reading a talk that someone else wrote for him. On other times the words spoken by the GB member are not at all impressive either, in which case I think he wrote that talk he gave. I think the WT should go back to hiding the GB (at least some of them) from the public's eyes. I sometimes think that probably none of the articles in the WT literature are written by the GB (or at least not written by some of the GB) since it is hard for me to imagine that all of the GB members have enough writing skills and intelligence and education to write them.

  • pontoon

    All previous posts maybe true, also what is true is the money just keeps pouring in and cant spend it fast enough. Another multi-million dollar project in the works, a state of the art media production facility. As long as the money is pouring in watchtower is good, anything negetive is persecution which proves we are right.

  • Vidiot

    @ Pontoon...

    Now we know where the $3B they got from the Brooklyn real estate sales is going.

    Ten bucks says they sell it within a decade, though.

  • Vidiot

    Hey, you know what that reminds me of?

    The way the American Christian Right started trying to set up their own cultural alternatives to the movie, TV, and music industries back in the day.

  • Rocketman123

    Mag says .......

    The information age has really damaged JWdom

    Yes is has, for it has revealed the truth about " The Truth "

    The Watchtower was a corrupt, lying and deceptive religoius publishing "Kingdom"

    Time has proven this as well information easily available on the inter net.

  • Overrated

    When I was in the Trooth I had questions and questions. Was told to wait on Gee-hober or be careful that is borderline apostasy. I waited and waited on God's all knowing organization, Crickets! Then, The Internet and Google came out. It was all over for the "Trooth ".

  • Magnum

    Overrated, same with me. I had many questions and was told to put them on the back burner. Well, I did... and all the water boiled out, the food burned, no JW could answer my questions, the internet came along, and scales eventually fell off my eyes.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Who is this Jworge anyway? Funny way of spelling George.

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