Jesus tempted by Satan, real or just a vision.

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  • Ireneus

    Though Bible writers used poor imagination in creating a setting for the temptation for Jesus, in essence it conveys a profound thought. Just like sea-worthiness of a ship is known when it is placed in the sea and survives a storm (not when it is anchored on the shore), Jesus proved his worthiness through his second baptism by fire(Mathew 3:11) which means he was victorious over all the temptations he encountered throughout his life as implied by Mark 1:13 when he said: He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him” which means he tasted the life as it is with its rough and soft aspects. All those temptations can broadly be categorized in to three:

    1) Tendency to use skills and talents for own benefit rather than for others (changing the stones into bread).

    2) Putting God into test taking extreme risk (jumping from the top of temple) with an eye on fame though short-cut.

    3) Forgetting the main purpose of life getting sidetracked on to the splendour of worlds attractions (kingdoms of world in exchange for an act of worship of Satan, personification of bad qualities, which means enjoying worldly pleasures and powers through unjust means)

    Thus, in details the account of temptation on Jesus carries wrong messages such as shape of earth is flat, Satan is a person, Jesus followed Satan to be tempted etc. But in essence it conveys great truth that man can be victorious over any temptation by changing the thought as Jesus did—he did not dwell on any of them.

  • Finkelstein

    The original Bible writers at the time were trying to cultivate loyal followers just like religions of today do.

    So they laid out an example of loyalty involving Jesus.

    Be with us or you must be a follower of the great opposer of god almighty Satan the Devil.

    Come with us gain salvation and redemption or go with Satan and gain nothing and lose your immortal soul..

    That proposition is still used today in religious cults like the JWS.

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