A recent antiwitnessing experience

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    for some people I just think it’s better if they don’t. My father is getting up in years and quite frankly for his age and health he is better off been delusional. It is what it is .

    That's the way I feel about my parents as well. They hopes to see their dead loved ones soon and it helps them cope with the inevitability of death.

    This is why I don't do anything to try to convert my parents. However, if they try to push their ideas onto people in the public ministry, well, its fair game. They are open to ideas and arguments which could ultimately burst their bubble at any time.

  • jbscott

    Don't say anything about the wtbts. Say something like, "you look tired!" with a really friendly voice and a smile. Or, "how's the weather for you? What do you do when the weather is too bad to be out here?"

    Last time I saw some JWs with the little cart, a couple of women, I smiled and commented on the view (it was at the beach.) "What a wonderful way to spend the day!" I chatted inconsequentially for a few minutes, until they relaxed a bit. I said my mother had been a JW her whole life, but I'm just a cheerful old apostate. Then left before they could get themselves worked up.

  • john.prestor

    Doubting bro, he really did, I remembered him saying that because he talked to me like I was some neighborhood thug. He acted like he owned the place, and you're right: he doesn't and neither does his wife. If it happens again I'll say something to the company.

    StephaneLaliberte, that's how I see it to: if they don't want to be challenged, well, they can go back to door-to-door preaching.

  • VIII

    The Great Tribulation is almost here...

    Well, I tried to "Joke" with a couple of relatives about the Nutz JWs who went on a Naked Armageddon spree up in Canada. I got back a response which asked if I were serious...I got a second plea to ask me to make sure I wasn't on any Apostate sites because I could become DEMONIZED!

    This is totally bizarre! Many doctors and peeps in medical field say
    that some peeps come into hospital claiming to be JWs
    and refuse blood transfusions when in reality, they are not JW's, but
    peeps of various faiths. They are aware of the dangers
    of blood transfusions, did research about the dangers of B.T.'s and fear
    taking any blood products of any kind.

    As for this case of insane behavior: it may be some lunatics with false
    claims and they all seem to be mentally handicapped.

    As for your comment to call or text you to confirm ..... are you
    insulting me and insinuating that I am insane? WTH?

    BTW, this is a real answer, not the Onion!!! BTW: are you reading
    the stuff some nuts post against JW's on line? or Apostate
    stuff? Please call or text me to confirm before you do this, please!
    It is a danger to your mental health.
  • NewYork44M

    I appreciate the experience. However, what a waste of time.

    You should have wished them a Merry Christmas and moved on with your life.

  • john.prestor

    Nah, no waste of time. I felt strong and proud of myself walking away, particularly after I stood up to him when he got nasty. I'm working on me these days and that's something I've never been good about, standing up to people. So it was worthwhile. Maybe it wouldn't he to others, and power to them

    VIII, what a bizarre reply, it's like they're staring right at an elephant in the room and pretending it's a donkey. Just... such blatant self-deception. Like we 'apostates could make up that story if we wanted to! Some things are stranger than fiction as they say, haha.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I simply ask thought provoking questions in a non confrontational way (like why does it say this , why do you believe this, or this doesnt make sense can you explain....choose your subject carefully ) and as if I want to understand , Wait for their answers , if not you have planted a seed. This cant be instant ,the years of deeprootedness takes time and patience, above all Love to uproot.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I was in a busy rural town on Friday and saw JW posters with a man and a woman standing nearby talking to two other visiting JWs in casual dress. I went past slowly and heard animated but banal conversation. I had some shopping to do and forty minutes later went back to see if they were free to talk to me (I was of course going to drop some metaphorical bombshells) but hell, they were still chin-wagging with the same JWs!

    Forget the preaching, they just don't give us apostate's a moment's look in!

  • john.prestor

    Hey, that's how most of the cart witnessing Witnesses I've seen look, they're just enjoying their morning, sipping a cup of coffee, chatting with each other. You gotta earn that privilege remember, haha. he rest of them have to go door-to-door. They make the most of it!

    You'll have another chance, and you're ready for next time

  • kairos

    I support your efforts to speak out however you choose.

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