Roy and my right to free-speech..

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    That's an Interesting post Simon. Please give me a few days to digest the contents.

    Anyway what I am trying to say is the person who only has the sporting instinct, the person who loves only sport, probably does less damage to society than the politicians and economists, even the religiouse leaders. He certainly does less harm than the people who really control our thinking, the " Advertisers"

    Having left the W.T, and mixing in the " world" free-speech really interests me. I have learnt I can get a free-beer in any pub listing to " free-speech" but the beer to be enjoyed needs to agree with the " free-speech" of the guy who bought me the beer.

    It would be remiss of me not to say " Thanks" for allowing my opinion be heard, even when we don't agree.

    The Rebel.

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