Roy and my right to free-speech..

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Before England announce the two squad members that won't go in to the Euros, I say leave out Wiltshire ( not fully match fit) and Sturrige. (The most over rated striker ever) However Social media disagrees and says Drinkwater, lacks quality and Rashford experience so leave them out. Other EXPERTS think Varidys pace irrelevant at this level. My conclusion It's all opinions and Roy Hodgson wont base his decision on my opinion nor social medias. That being said, it's kind of fun being a football fun, with free-speech, and suggesting the two players Roy must drop from the squad today.

    However I think it takes a more meaningful type of free-speech and soul -searching to question our faith. This is why we are here. We valued our free-speech, held it to the light and saw the "watchtower" interpretation of " free-speech" was in our opinion wrong. Having concluded we were conned to trust in the " W.T" version of " free-speech" we rebelled, and by doing so many we lost our friends our faith, and all we held important.

    But we did so because we believed in our thinking.

    Was it justified?

    Was it worth the price?

    I think it is.

    But only if it allows us to continue questioning that we may have been wrong. We should never stop challenging our thinking. We should always question why we believe what we believe? And we should always be open to being wrong.

    Anyway I believe the two players, Roy needs drop are Wiltshire, & Sturridge.However if Roy doesn't agree with me, and Wilture and Sturridge score the winning goals in the final, I was wrong and Roy Hodgson the England manger was right. I bloody hope so. England havnt won a major tournament in my life time, infact Engaland havnt won a major tournament since 1966.

    Ok England fans, let's hope my expertise is not valued, and Roy knows best.

    The Rebel.

  • Simon

    England will never have a winning team until they consistently pick the best managers and players, not the most media friendly politically correct. Rooney has rarely performed at international level but seemed to have a guaranteed spot on the team for years, even when injured.

    I don't know what this has at all to do with free-speech, I don't think you understand the actual concept at all.

  • konceptual99

    Should have taken Townsend and left Wilshere at home. JW is a great player on his day but gets injured everytime he looks at pitch. I think Sturridge will contribute if he does not stub his toe or have some other stupid injury like bumping into JW and taking both of them out.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well konceptual99, I agree with you, I can only assume Roy Hodgson the England Manager, is a secret Jehovers Witness. I say this because Its interesting to note Jack Wiltsure has the initials of .J.W . I also noted the effect a player converting to a religion has on a team . I say this as a Watford supporter, having noted at the beginning of the season our main sticker " Deeney" seemed to have converted to the " Seventh day Adventist" faith, he then amazingly seemed to convert the whole team, with such success that not one of them " worked" on Saturday since Boxing Day. If it wasn't for mid-week games we would have been relegated.

    The Rebel.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    England will never have a winning team until they consistently pick the best managers and players, not the most media friendly politically correct - indeed. There was a time when Brian Clough was the best English manager. He was never chosen for the England job because even in an un-PC era he stood out as un-PC and he always spoke his mind.

    I read about Clough that he apparently used a novel way to deal with racist abuse of his players (Clough, like Ron Atkinson, brought in black players during a time when racism was rife):

    To his defender - "every time their centre forward calls you a black b*****d, I want you to call him a white b*****d. If you don't, you'll have to deal with me after the match!"

  • OrphanCrow

    Rebel: "...and my right to free speech"

    Simon: "I don't know what this has at all to do with free-speech, I don't think you understand the actual concept at all."

    I agree with Simon on this. What on earth does talking about sports have to do with the concept of free speech? There is no relationship whatsoever between free speech and discussing the merits of sports teams. None whatsoever.

    Definition of freedom of speech:

    the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.

    How does a discussion about sports teams fall under freedom of speech protection? Are you concerned that the government will step in and squash your voice?

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    OrphanCrow, I will answer your point " How does a discussion about sports teams fall under freedom of speech protection" at the end of my thread.

    LoveUnHateExams, another reason why we won the World Cup in 1966.

    Jack Charlton to Alf Ramsy, the England manager " Why did you pick me"

    Alf Ramsey " Jack I don't pick the best players I pick the best team"

    So we won the World Cup because we had Alf Ramsey a manager who had the guts not to pick the best players, but players like " Jack Charlton" and " Nobby Stiles". It should be noted Jack Charlton was 30 when he got his first cap, and Nobby Stiles was called an animal by the daily press and a public opinion poll saying he was an embarrassment to our national team. Furthermore Alf Ramsey picked against public opinion kids like Alan Ball ( my hero) and Martin Peters. As for the final Ramsey, dropped the nations hero Jimmy Greaves, and gave Geoff Hurst the number 10 shirt. ( Hurst got a hat-trick, Peters the other goal and Alan Ball was the people's man of the match)

    Sir Alf Ramsey " We won the World Cup, because I didn't pick the best players, I created and picked the best team"

    Come on Roy...Ali not Rooney in central midfield, Kane up front not Rooney. Who would be England manager and have the guts to drop our captain " Rooney?" Sir Alf Ramsey would, ask Jimmy Greaves.

    The Rebel.

    OrphanCrow, freedom of speech and questioning your National football team is forbidden in many lands. A teenage girl was so distressed her African National team lost a game against the countries rivals, she shot herself in the head. The country gave her a state funeral. What does that have to do with freedom of speech? Well I think it's ridiculous that in her country I would not be allowed the "freedom of speech" to voice my opinion her suicide was stupid,and football is only a game.

    The Rebel

  • Simon
    What does that have to do with freedom of speech?

    Absolutely nothing really. Sounds more like a case of someone with mental problems.

    There are countries that definitely have restrictions on freedom of expression but mostly it's around politics and leadership, not really team selection and tactics. I don't think anyone is or has ever argued that it would be a good thing - so really don't know what point you are trying to make.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    My point about free-speech and sport is:-

    1:- I have attended many football matches where bananas were thrown at black players, and racial songs chanted. This sort of free speech should be banned, yet sadly it still happens.

    2) Muhammad Ali ( who sadly passed away yesterday) stated his Muslim beliefs prohibited him serving in the Vietnam war, so the " World Boxing Association" suspended him and revolked his world championship title.

    3) In the World Cup " FINAL" Zidane got red carded for head butting an opponent. Why did he head butt the opponent ? The tactics of the opposing team were to say to him during the "game" the most disrespectful insults about his sister, until he reacted.

    Those are 3 instances of many I could name, in which free-speech and sport in my opinion don't mix:-

    So it comes down to balance. Personally I think it is ok for me to say "Rooney should be dropped based on performance and statistics" but I do not think it ok for me to say " He should be dropped because he is a "FAT SLOB"with "MENTAL" problems. In my opinion such name calling is as pathetic as the throwing of bananas at black players.

    The Rebel.

    p.s. I agree with Ali, on point 2, however the point clearly proves even the U.S.A has restrictions on freedom of expression.

  • Simon

    You still don't understand what free speech actually means and should be about.

    It's never "I should be able to say absolutely anything I want about anyone or anything, anytime". It's only turned into that because of the legal industry that can make money and people who want to abuse the right for nefarious reasons.

    Free speech should be about political expression and freedom from action being taken for anyone voicing dissent about the powers that be. Your sports examples are comparatively lame and inconsequential - far more pressing for instance is the attitude of Trump towards a free press right now and his abuse of the presidential platform for personal insults and attacks for personal gain. Real abuse of power.

    Private groups can have their own rules of conduct and right to free speech doesn't overrule their ability to take action against people who violate those rules. Their right to free speech has not been affected in the very least when that happens.

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