CLAM MEETING Dumbing down

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  • freddo

    So yesterday was the midweek meeting - the first of the month for December so instead of locals doing the little talk skits we get the on screen shadow puppets.

    After each one the MS taking the item asks the congregation for "positive" comments.

    Part way through I get a text from a PIMO brother enduring the show which reads thus (and I quote word for word ...)

    "It's like listening to a bunch of people from a mental institution."

  • MrRoboto

    Oh, so business as usual then?

    Seriously though, those videos creep me out!

  • _Morpheus

    I make it a matter of personal pride that i have never been to a “clam”. I have deep sympathy for those that have to endure that nonsense

  • zeb


  • _Morpheus

    “Christian life and ministry meeting” aka CLAM.


  • pale.emperor
    I remember the stupid silhouette videos they show. Fortunately i was out a year after they came in. Perhaps they dont want people getting up on the platform anymore doing demos.
  • out4good4

    The wife's CLAM meeting was yesterday. She didn't tell me about the screen shadow puppet shows. However, she did tell me about someone being announced as reproved.

    It's funny, a couple of days ago she was talking about how it has been awhile since she's been in service and how much fun it was and that she misses it. Then she presents the idea that I would be a good person she can practice her presentations with with me being the householder.

    Like a hungry large mouthed bass, I contemplated that bait, however, I didn't bite.

    I guess the look I gave her reminded her that that would not be a very good idea.

  • stillin

    They're all so...perfect!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Like you Morpheus, I’m proud to say I’ve never been to a clam meeting. Had a family member mail me the KM or whatever it’s called now, I thought it was an absolute joke.

    Praise Jah that we are “out“.

  • jp1692

    Screen shadow puppets

    Reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave:

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