The TOP 5 Most Dangerous Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the blood rule has to be far away top of the list. its murder.

    also--add to the list the crazy promulgation of armageddon--resurrection--new world. all total bollocks designed to appeal to the emotional wrecks this cult attracts.

  • Giordano

    Like I said I listed the obey the 7 fat bastards as number one because it is the key pin to everything else.

    I can agree with that POV.

    Re Blood............ we have danced around that issue a lot on this forum with numbers being as high as 250,000 since the 1940's. No proof however as health records have never listed the cause of death to be 'refused blood'.

    So using a number like that without evidence can be readily dismissed by JW believers. But looking at just Trauma cases worldwide Car crashes, other accidents etc. where blood must be administered quickly in a lot of situations and figuring the number of JW's in the world a figure of 1000 per year is more reasonable and believable. Keeping in mind pregnancies, blood disorders and even cancer treatments that require building up the blood count I think a 1000 a year is rather low.

    However comparing it to a one time event like Jonestown provides a visual to what is hidden away in private homes and hospital rooms every year so one can see what a 1000 people, who willingly and many unwillingly drank poision at the command of their religious leader, looks like spread over the ground at Jonestown.

    How many JW's needlessly lost their life because of their GB dictated beliefs and/or peer pressure can only be guessed at. Even just one life is bad ............ enough.

  • Diogenesister

    I agree with OrphanCrow and JookB that Blood is the no. 1 dangerous doctrine. Many deaths result in this obscene,confused and petty test of obedience . Death can never be undone OR forgiven by the victim, which is why it sits way above all other issues. Child abuse sits at no 2 for me. In this I include all forms of abuse - sexual, physical or corporal punishment through to the cruelty of insisting kids sit through unsuitable, inappropriately violent or sexual Old Testament talks with threats of violence should they be unable to keep still/awake etc. I also include in cruelty the relish some JW's have for saying NO and depriving kids of fun like birthday cake and gifts or school Xmas performances. Another form of child abuse is the constant threat of withdrawal of parental love should the child not 'perform'the JW role to approved standards.

    I agree that unquestioning obedience to the slave is a prerequisite to all the dangerous doctrines on the list but I'm going for the current specific and potentially changeable doctrines - as of course without obey the slave doctrine, well, the JW's would cease to exist!!

  • TD

    But the reason I listed it as number 3 is because without the "you MUST obey the 7 fat bastards" then the blood transfusion doctrine would be null and void.

    That strikes me as analogous to the distinction between gun and cartridge. Both are inherently dangerous, but that danger exists only as a hypothetical as long as you keep them separated,

    So you can really look at it either way. Like a gun, the belief that seven men MUST be obeyed no matter what is inherently dangerous, but until that "gun" is loaded with something stupid, the danger is hypothetical. Similarly, the blood doctrine is inherently dangerous, but without the "gun" to fire it from, the danger is more potential than real.
  • NeonMadman
    Eliminate #1 and all the rest fall by the wayside.
  • Vidiot

    Here's another:

    "Unless there's 'two witnesses', nothing can be done..."

  • Simon

    The most important teaching IMO is that the GB are god's representatives on earth and absolute obedience of them is required.

    Without that every other issue really fades away because they can suggest things but people can tell them to get lost.

    All religious abuse relies on the belief that "you have to obey us because we stand between you and god".

    Everything else they do is based on "... or else" made possible by the belief that they are actually in the position they claim to be.

  • Twitch

    A good, fairly concise list

    The thread's title reminds me of this lil gem;

  • smiddy

    First of all park ave boy , I would like to welcome you , I read your bio,and that had a happy outcome .Kudos to your parents for accepting you back and finding ttatt .You are one lucky lad.

    As for your OP , I would like it to be a list of not 5 but 10.......previous posters have made good suggestions , however policies that make it easier for pedo`s to exist in the religion undetected need to be addressed


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