What was your ''the last straw that broke the camels back'' moment

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  • Alive!

    Talesin - too many deaths.


  • wannaexit

    My deepest condolences on the passing of your cousin. My heart breaks for the son who is has had to endure such harsh treatment at a time when comfort is what he most needed.

    I can't pin point exactly when but it was a series of changes starting with the 1995 generation teaching. I pioneered throughout the whole 1980's preaching that the generation of 1914 would not pass away. The 1995 came and everything changed. It literally felt like the rug was pulled from underneath me. That started the ball rolling.
  • wannaexit

    That illustration. I forgot about it. Even the angels are depicted a little lower than the governing body.

    How disgusting !!!!

  • Sabin

    The jdub's go for coffee in the cafe's where I am & it was the realisation that if a pregnant D'ed lady walked across the road with her 2 kid's & was run down they WOULDN'T even call an ambulance. They would say "to bad for her, she left the borg." that was it for me, when you got people that cold hearted there is nothing they wont do to hurt others, they just seem to me to get a kick out of it. WTBTS is a by word for WICKEDNESS. It is run by Psychopaths & the only one's that do well in it are the narcissists, every one else struggles with mental illness, anxiety, guilt, worthlessness & is generally unhappy. BASTARDS BASTARDS BASTARDS.

    And that is without all the other shit I've seen go down. Got keep smiling though a, don't let the bastards get to ya

  • Alive!

    My husband made a comment the other day - he observed how some 'weak' born in JWs, those immersed in their own materialistic lives, who half heartedly turn up for meetings and give lip service to minimal field service - but by golly - got to shun someone? Absolutely hard core. They 'perfect' this part of their Christian life!


  • Khaleesi
    Last straw? I concur with many that it was many straws but the one that did it was how they treated Ray Franz & Ed Dunlap & many of bros being thrown out to the "world" from Bethel worse than dogs... then the horror stories from many being shun by their families for just walking away from the WT ( I don't have family in JWs so it never affected me personally) but watching & hearing videos of heartbreaking parents, children, sisters, brothers, etc of being shun angers me ..., I also felt disgusted what this organization has done to many children victims of child sexual abuse, not reporting it to authorities, that's a huge no no for me, then when elders & Jeffrey Jackson was asked in the ARC, if he had watched the trial or read the victims statements & said no... i saw how evil & arrogant they are & they don't care about our children...
  • Laika
    An elder at a circuit assembly giving a talk on wisdom. He told a story about a girl who got raped walking home late at night, the point was about how she apparently showed a lack of wisdom. When I complained later nearly everyone defended him, I realised then my worldview was fundamentally different and I just couldn't fit anymore.
  • punkofnice

    R&R what a terrible way for 'true christians(tm)' to behave. I saddens and angers me to hear such things.

    The thing that finally snapped me was..ta daaaaaaaaa.....

    Overlapping generations(tm).

    I knew it was a cult after that and never attended another meeting ever again.

  • dozy

    I was already pretty much mentally out already when a Kingdom Ministry Question Box came out in September 2007 telling JWs that they shouldn't study Hebrew & Greek or to do any independent research etc - just study using the Society publications. I realised then that this wasn't an organisation no longer even pretending to be dedicated to bible study - simply a MLM type corporate body.

    What made it even worse was that the elder taking the item (the PO/ COBOE who was very much a Society loyalist & who had assigned himself the item ) hammed it up so much & was so critical of people doing research & comments were coming from the congregation about how dreadful it was that people were even thinking of using non NWT bibles. He asked "how do we feel about the FADS / GB" and there was answer after answer about how wonderful they were & how much they "looked after us". One member spoke about meeting a GB member at an assembly in the same star struck manner that someone would have an audience with the Pope. Like Laika posting above , I finally accepted that although most of the congregation were nice enough people , basically I fundamentally disagreed with their views and they were essentially cult members.

    My wife could see me getting angrier & angrier & at one point I got up to leave but she pulled me down! But for me - that basically was the end , though it took a few more months to completely unwind & fully fade.

  • done4good

    Realizing I would be much happier leaving my ex-wife, (then a JW, she also left a few years later). I was right, and at the moment, I knew everything I was taught about marriage, divorce, etc. was not true. It was that simple. If what I was taught was not true in this one area, then it is not "the" truth, and therefore cannot be the "true" religion.

    I stopped attending completely within 6 months of figuring that out, and never went back. Roughly 30 years in, and one epiphany to get me out.


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