Unbelievable Amount of PIMOS at Massachusetts JW Convention

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    This comment was made on Reddit, perhaps protesting is starting to get the Witnesses' attention.

    It amazed me how many Jehovah's Witnesses exiting the convention were reading the protester's signs. Some of the Witnesses were taking pictures of the signs. JWs were going by and smiling and giving a thumbs up. Six Screens has been protesting for 18 years, and their spokesman said this was the best protest he was in as far as getting a favorable response from so many Jehovah's Witnesses. It truly is a shame that the Watchtower trolls and operatives try to discredit and criticize the efforts and help that Six Screens has given to so many people. Listen to their live programs on Saturday night, and you will be addicted. Ex-JWs and pimos call in worldwide, and you never know who is calling in next.


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They used to close the gate and not let us leave. If you do much as made eye contact you were pulled aside and admonished

  • LV101

    RO - thanks for the link. First thing I noticed was the nice SUVs/Sedans the JWs were driving as they exited -- very few old beaters or I was too focused on the inside lane. Rick Ferron made same comment on video -- shocked mentioned JWs must make a lot of money today as window washers since they discourage higher learning. My guess -- many are in the trades, in demand, and do very well. He also made point they might go in debt for nice autos since the end is so close. 😂

    I hope I can find the Six Screens youtube to watch Saturday for confirmation of the 2,000 in attendance he mentioned yet the venue holds 6,000.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Oh... Six Screens, please use a gimble with that camera.


  • WingCommander

    I refuse to watch or look at anything Rick FEAR-on puts out. Guy is an even bigger clown than Hemorrhoid Evans.

    After that whole "Johnny the Bethelite" fiasco and the Smurfgirl interview (another nut!) I can't believe anyone takes him seriously. His website is creepy AF, and is the epitome of what WatchTower exudes as the typical crazy Apostate.

    Want to see something else from Reddit? I've seen plenty of people claim that while they were first questioning, they came upon his sight FIRST, and were so put-off with his creepy crap that they actually then dismissed everything else and went back INTO the cult for a while!

    So yeah, there's the REAL effect he has on people. I can't believe people such as Barbara Anderson allowed themselves to be interviewed by such a buffoon. Embarrassing.

  • LV101

    I've only watched about 1-1/2 YouTubes of his show linked here -- I appreciate info but can't sit through that long and dosed off couple times yesterday w/no dinner ready -- thank gawd for take out. It's odd very few show up to 'protest' or 'demonstrate' (his term to police/sounds better) w/him but I think his signs/presence is good. I always appreciated the signs and happy attitude of the apostates at so cal. Quite a contrast from being tired, sleep deprived, baked in blazing sun, for few days - LAX never looked so good for departure back to the Mojave desert. Thankfully, Phoenix was in doors. By that time I'd leave at noon - enjoy Scottsdale, shopping, pool -- anything.

    Where were the apostates at this Massachusetts' convention event - maybe venue wasn't big enough.

    Barbara Anderson has to be Six Screens' biggest attraction/super star - she's a Super Star for her admirable hard work!

  • Vidiot

    Play it at 1.25x speed.

    Rick sounds like Peter Griffin.



    Wing commander has a lot to say when it comes to criticizing. He tends to sit there in cyberspace and lash out at people with his personal opinions; I know he does not like Rick Fearon, and he has the right to do so. At least Rick uses his real name and is actively exposing the Watchtower. Wing commander concerns me, and I often wonder what his problem is. Trust me; he does not in any way represent the general feelings of ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. I often wonder who he is ??? as he continues to show hatred toward a man that has been helping many people.

  • LV101

    RO - I appreciate his work/efforts. Life is brutal enough w/out WT horror and it's not easy to show up and do what he does, IMO. You're a loyal friend to Rick Fearon -- the best kind.

    Too bad the XJW attending the Mass convention wasn't able to report back more info -- WT is really on top of those attending -- they probably notice anyone not asleep in the seats but paying attention.

  • Vidiot

    Back in the day, Rick Fearon and Six Screens were the Alex Jones and PrisonPlanet of the XJW community, and I absolutely believe that his antics scared doubting but fearful JWs back to the WTS…

    …he was such a perfect “apostate” poster-boy that when I was in a conspiracy-theory mood, I’d often wonder if the Org actually created him and his website as some sort of misguided false-flag tactic, and it got away from ‘em. 😁

    I will admit, though… he does seem to have calmed down a bit as he’s gotten older (most of us do, after all), but IMO, he should direct his criticism more specifically at the Watchtower, and less at JWs in general.

    Calling ‘em “zombies”, for example, doesn’t help… your average JWs-on-the-street are fairly decent folks.


    …for now, anyway…

    …who the fuck knows how full-on loyalist lifers are gonna start acting if things keep going the way they are. 😵‍💫

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