Talking Janet Jackson and Religious Freedom with the Wife

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  • JRK

    OTWO, That was a great job of drawing her out on ideas before connecting the dots to her own religion. She did not shut down immediately this time, so hopefully it signifies progress.

    Well done!


  • smiddy3

    Thanks for posting that OTWO you handled it extremely well.

    Take care.

  • redpilltwice

    And another delightfull thread, much appreciated OTWO. Your inactivity certainly hasn't affected your reasoning skills

  • carla

    Well done!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Page one answers

    Toes Up, I don't really know about it. She seems able to dismiss much and not think about it again. But she did remember what I said about the Australian Royal Commission (another thread) so maybe.

    dubstepped, that is a very important thing to remember about waking up being a series of things, many small.

    Cha Ching, I don't imagine much happening next. But keep hope alive.

    days of future passed, I had not thought of that. She might just remember that we discussed some comparisons and it wasn't the way Watchtower presents it. Thanks.

    Aude Sapere, she won't hear Cat Stevens too much, but maybe Janet Jackson. She's pretty much moved on into the more modern black divas, but hey- throwback happens often. China will definitely come up again.

    Flipper, thanks for the kudos on using Steve Hassan methods. I just know that I typically haven't been seizing the opportunity at all and I should do it some of the time.

    scratchme1010, it has been a long road to this point. And some stuff, I can't breach the subject at all. I will keep working with the wedges into her head that I find.

    MrRoboto, I like your thoughts on "an idea." Thanks.

    NVR2L8, I get that. It's been longer with my wife- something on the order of eleven years. And there is no telling from individual to individual how long their wall will stay up, some will never come down.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    wow! 11 years. You have demonstrated Long Suffering and True Love for her. Hoping the fruits will bring her out and back to you completely. You done very well. Blueblades

  • OnTheWayOut

    JRK, thanks for the great thoughts. It was some kind of progress. I just don't know how much.

    smiddy3, thanks a bunch for the compliment. Take care.

    redpilltwice, I think reasoning skills actually improve from inactivity away from the cult.

    Carla, thanks

    Charles Gillette, thanks. I doubt I deserve all that praise about it.

  • Etude


    Great conversation. You are fortunate that you have someone you can speak to congenially. If she was quiet after your comparison, something was rolling around in her mind. Hopefully, it will fall into the hole it belongs to sometime in the future. I don't have much luck talking to people with JW ideas (like family) or with other religious fanatics. Good for you!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Etude, I couldn't always speak this stuff with my wife, and I have to tread carefully much of the time still. But time and drops of water wear down all things.

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