Aussies closed all the coal power we have blackouts no electricity!

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  • smiddy3

    When I posted I was unaware that their was an issue at hand. Sorry witness 007

  • Rivergang
    You said I was wrong,

    Where did I say you were "wrong"? More Straw Man stuff - and bloody good deflection, I will grant you that!

    I did say you ought to at least produce an up to date list of which coal powered plants are still generating in this country; which so far, you have avoided doing.

  • Jeffro

    I’m not here to jump through hoops like a performing seal. You suggested that other plants have since closed beyond those scheduled. If you don’t care enough to support your own claim, I don’t see why I should. See also ‘burden of proof’.

    My position (passing interest) isn’t contingent on any exact number of operating plants and if there were, for example, 19 plants operating rather than 20, it wouldn’t be the ‘gotcha’ that you seem to imagine.

  • Rivergang


    Covering some now common ground, your observations about nuclear energy are of course very correct.

    Interestingly, Finland's Green Party has recently done a complete reversal in its stance, and now endorses nuclear power.

    Finland’s Green Party supports nuclear power - Nuclear Engineering International (

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