November 2018 Watchtower study....attacking weak members, their personalities, and apostates

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  • NewYork44M

    The great thing about the internet is that all this information is a click away. For someone to stay in the truth, they must actively avoid TTATT. Even search words like Jehovahs Witnesses will lead to a path of destruction.

    It is getting harder and harder to avoid what is true. But make no mistake, there will always be die-hard witnesses.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    NewYork44M: Even search words like Jehovahs Witnesses will lead to a path of destruction.

    Or put another way...

    Even search words like Jehovahs Witnesses will lead to a path of enlightenment!😊


    Here is a prime example of how the WTBTS blaming the ''messenger'' and not ''the messenger.'' Weak members and apostates are always to blame for them walking away.

    I was a member in 1974. This statement was written in this ''Kingdom Ministry 5/1974'' ring true. Notice, the Watchtower study article that was written years later blaming its members for the 1975 fiasco.

    • ***km5/74p.3HowAreYouUsingYourLife?***

      Reports are heard of brothers selling their homes and property and planning to finish out the rest of their days in this old system in the pioneer service. Certainly this is a fine way to spend the short time remaining before the wicked world’s end.

    • Clearly, Jesus was concerned that his followers too could become distracted by Satan's world, even to the point that they might "return to the things behind." (Luke 17:22, 31) And, indeed, this has happened to some Christians. For years such ones longed for the day when Jehovah will put an end to this wicked world. However, when Armageddon did not occur by the time they expected, ` they became disheartened. Their confidence in the nearness of Jehovah's day of judgment faded. They slowed down in the ministry and gradually became so involved in the mundane matters of life that little time was left for spiritual matters. (Luke 8:11, 13, 14) In time, they `returned to the things behind'--how sad!


    Here is a prime example of how the WTBTS blames the ''messenger'' and not ''the message.'' Weak members and apostates are always to blame for them walking away.

  • naja

    ... probably it should read as follows: Here is a prime example of how the WTBTS blaming the ''messenger'' and not ''the message.''

  • Finkelstein

    Plain and simple the Watchtower Corporation/JWorg. is a lying corrupt religious publishing house.

    This is ever apparent now days in review of its many past failed and deviously created unscriptural doctrines.

    Of course now they are going to crank up the degradation against those who see the light of its corruption and lies.

    Not surprising that they are intent to build a wall around its members (Money and Power ) so they stay and give the Org. money and free labor. ......that too should be considered a part of its inherent corruption.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    And again, WT/ GB plant the idea about leaving (the religion) when they change Jesus’ words, as Ray Franz pointed out in his book, “Crisis of Consience”, from “Lord, WHOM shall we go away to?” to, WHERE else could we go?? - as though teachings of decency and love toward others should be found in only their special place, and not in a person’s own home, or school, or charitable organization, or having hearts filled with love and graciousness, and empathy, compassion.. toward others....

    They take an ideology (the bible and Jehovah) and then make decrees (and commands and doctrines of men) and then bind up heavy loads...

    they become Pharisees, measuring the tenth of the dill and the mint and the cumin...

    and hmm, something else.... ?

    ... forgetting about love and mercy...?

    ... is this (gasp!) possible with the leaders, I mean fine examples of our faith, whom we should emulate... blah blah ... and meet at certain exact times in certain exact places wearing certain exact clothes to do certain exact same things ... ?

    - is this what JESUS wanted?

    He, who said, “where two or three or gathered in my name, there I am...” (a spirit of friendship, love, sharing, and oh, you know, maybe just having a spirit of being guided by LOVE, right?)

    Hmm. Imagine that. Is it really so .... simple....?

    ... especially if...

    god is ....



    (“And they bind up heavy loads upon the backs of men, teaching commands of men as doctrines...”)

    (but certainly not WT/ GB, right...? Not them...)

    “... do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the sons of earthling man, with whom there is no salvation...”

    ”... and Satan himself appears like an angel of light...”

    (Hm, personally, that last one is a little dramatic for me, haha, but I’ll put it out there for the seekers or questioners..)

    and yes, it is okay to think and judge and ‘test out the inspired expressions” and weigh them out... (remember those Boreans? They don’t talk much about them anymore, do they?) so it’s okay to keep seeking...

    ... Try to change your vocabulary, they always want you to improve or add to that, don’t they? Try thinking positive words and framing things thru a lens of love, gratitude, caring, forgiveness, etc., rather than the words they use which keep you down, which create fear, obligation, guilt... (fog)

    Think of having a question as a way to continue seeking for truth,

    rather than the scary, loaded, threatening language and words (seasoned with salt?) of “doubts, independent thinking, giving way to Satan, becoming murmurers, following the path of Korah...” (boy, they do go on & on and get ya, don’t they? Sheesh. 200 pages of bible compared to over 2,000 pages WT literature annually, but that was back in the day...

    It would be interesting to recount it now, especially in this digital age, and figure in what amount of digital movies and such they have which now count as “placements”.... (so surreal)

    the WT, back in the day, used to subject us to 3 weekly meetings (which they called “seven”) and we used to study a total of over 2,000 pages of WT “bible study aids” annually, again, compared to only 200 pages of bible pages, and of those bible pages, most of them are the same scriptures used repeatedly, over and over again, the scriptures which could best highlight or fit (or be made to fit) their doctrines.

    ... doctrines described to be “truth” yet need change and adjustments all the time.

    Well, I digress muchly. Thank you for listening. 😄🤗

  • jookbeard

    "stumbled by an adjusted understanding" why should I be stumbled by such a minor error LOL

  • Vidiot
    Rules and Regs - "The Watchtower Society always attempts to disprove or discredit valid arguments or statements by criticizing the ability of individuals to think, reason, ask tough questions and make their own decisions. If they can't logically attack the message, they attack the messenger..."

    Once again, for the newbies, lurkers, and trolls...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • Vidiot
    Rules and Regs - "So, according to this Watchtower study, all Jehovah's Witness members should not question all the pedophile lawsuits, all the closings of Kingdom Halls all over the world, the reduction of printed materials, the scandal in the Rome, Italy Bethel, the selling of New York Watchtower properties( $$$$$ IN THE BILLIONS ), United Nations scandal, Malawi and Mexico scandal, and all its misquotes, deceptions, and lies."

    "All the negative things you hear about us are lies! Even the stuff that's true!"

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