November 2018 Watchtower study....attacking weak members, their personalities, and apostates

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    The Watchtower Society always attempts to disprove or discredit valid arguments or statements by criticizing the ability of individuals to think, reason, ask tough questions and make their own decisions! If they can't logically attack the message, they attack the messenger!! The name calling of apostates or anyone who doesn't agree with all the WTBTS flip-flops ( the light gets brighter) never stops! According to the Watchtower Society, apostates ( this article never has any examples) are opposers who misrepresent the WTBTS beliefs.

    So, according to this Watchtower study, all Jehovah's Witness members should not question all the pedophile lawsuits, all the closings of Kingdom Halls all over the world, the reduction of printed materials, the scandal in the Rome, Italy Bethel, the selling of New York Watchtower properties( $$$$$ IN THE BILLIONS ), United Nations scandal, Malawi and Mexico scandal, and all its misquotes, deceptions, and lies.

    November 2018

    This issue contains the study articles for December 31, 2018 to February 3, 2019.

    5 Sadly, some today have failed to hold on to the truth. Some were stumbled by an adjusted understanding of a Bible passage or by what a prominent brother said or did. Others were offended by Scriptural counsel they received, or they let go of the truth because of a personality clash with a fellow Christian. Still others took sides with apostates and other opposers who misrepresented our beliefs. As a result, some deliberately began “drawing away” from Jehovah and the congregation. (Heb. 3:12-14) How much better it would have been if they had maintained their faith and kept their confidence in Jesus, as the apostle Peter did! When Jesus asked the apostles if they wanted to leave, Peter immediately replied: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life.” —John 6:67-69.

  • asp59

    Not listningen to otheres is what got GB to THE place they are now. Thinks by the look of this artical there be no change for 2019. They heading for a huge disaster

  • tiki


  • Tenacious

    The Society is attempting to save a sinking ship.

    Hopefully the maggots in Warwick do the honorable thing and go down with the ship.

    Unless they start acting like the vermin that they are and jump off like the rats we all know them to be.

    Let the simple, drone minded brothers and sisters, many who are WIDE AWAKE mind you, continue to listen to these babbling idiots. Let's see if they're false worship will save them.

    Reap it you Warwick vermin. Reap it!!!

  • ToesUp

    "Some were stumbled by an adjusted understanding of a Bible passage or by what a prominent brother said or did."

    A. I thought there were NO "prominent Brothers" in the Borg. We are all humble servants of God. Was Jesus a "prominent" person?

    B. Romans 14:13 states:

    " Therefore, let us not judge one another any longer but, rather, be determined not to put a stumbling block or an obstacle before a brother."

    Why is Watchtower stumbling others? Shouldn't they follow this scripture themselves?

    This cult has a lot of blood on their hands!!!

  • Gorbatchov

    Sect. Hate it more and more.

    Happy fully faded with wife and our 2 children.


  • waton

    wt has in their minds established an unassailable position, are always right. are talking down to those that they are supposed to be slaves to, support the power-mad psychopaths that dominate some of the congregations for them, wt always blame the victims.

    thank you for forewarning us of the sickening boasting session tomorrow.

  • JustMe2

    A question on a side point: What's the scandal in the Rome Bethel?

  • blondie
    A question on a side point: What's the scandal in the Rome Bethel?
    wannaexit posted this 5 years ago about a Canadian Circuit Overseer moving to Rome about dysfunction in Rome.5 years ago

    I heard that three years ago bethel was put under the care of the Seltezr (spel) branch. Germany didin't have success.

    This year Brooklyn sent over 3 italian elders and their wifes to set things straight. One is from New York and the other two are Canadians. The committee members have been put aside and these three are running the show.

    The blog proclamatore consapevole started out as a group of three who are trying to bring reform from the inside. They feel that the organization has been overrun by burocratic self serving individuals and that the rot reaches the top. However they still believe that this organization is the "truth".

    There is a poster here by the name LaFrancia who is involved in the group.

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