The Major League Baseball All-Star Game.....And, An Assembly

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  • titch

    Folks: Well, here in the United States, tonight, July 19th, is when the MLB All-Star Game will be played. And, it will be played at Dodger Stadium, in Los Angeles, California. For those of you who don't know, the All-Star Game is a game in which members of the American League teams compete with members of the National League teams. Myself, I plan to watch it on TV.

    But, while watching it, I can think back, that on this date, in 1969, I was THERE, in that stadium. Yes, 53 years ago today I was attending the 5th day of the "Peace On Earth" International Assembly of the JWs. It was a 6-day assembly, that began on Monday of that week, and went until Sunday, July 20th. (That was the day that the first humans arrived at Luna---the Moon) It was an assembly that began at 9:00 a.m. every day, and lasted for 12 hours. Now, of course, we had intermissions during the day, and we usually had a break of about 2 hours every late afternoon. I myself, volunteered to work in one of the refreshment stands during the assembly. Oh, what fun we had that week!

    So, for anyone reading this post, Were YOU there that week? What was YOUR experience with a 6-day or a 7-day international assembly? Best Regards....And, GO Baseball Teams!.....Titch.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I was in Chicago White Sox stadium that week. I still have the my dad's program someplace.

    edited: I'm not sure what week it was, but it was in the middle of the summer of '69

  • Biahi

    Drop off, I was there, too!

  • Dagney

    Snow cone concession orange level.

    Was talking to friend the other day reminiscing about those smells in stairwells and bathrooms. I think I can still smell them in my brain.

    Then hanging out at the third base entrance after the session checking out all the boys.

  • DNCall

    You and me both Dagney. I was in the orchestra. The Sunday session ended early so we had time to get home to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Snoozing through the All Star game as I write this.

  • smiddy3

    While I can`t remember an Assembly at that particular time I certainly do remember where I was when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon ,at that time I worked for Kodak here in Melbourne Aust.and we gathered in the lunch room to watch that historic moment via TV.

    I think we were in the lunch room a lot longer than the bosses anticipated because they did take a lot longer than expected to emerge from the capsule.

    NASA did use Kodak film and on tuesdays they showed Kodak films at lunch time in a cinema on site which went for about 30 mins,of previous moon missions.

    I hope the ball game is as good as you expect it to be .

    I have fond memories of that time.

    Funny but I do remember an International Convention held in Melbourne Aust. in 1963 when their was hardly anyone who came here from overseas .LOL

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I found my dad's 1969 program. I'll try to post all of it over the next few posts. Here are a couple of the first pages:

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    More of the 1969 program, Tuesday through Friday

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    More of the 1969 program, Saturday & Sunday and end notes:

    Those were the days, my friends!

  • Magnum

    Very sad to me. I believed it all back then, and it was so different then. I was nine that summer. I think I went to that convention in Atlanta, but not sure. Even though I hate JWdom now, I miss what I thought it was back then. I thought I was part of a special group that was going to live forever in paradise and that the end was imminent back then. No JW at that time could have even remotely contemplated the year 2022 with no "new world".

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