I Got Very Stange JW Doorknocker Yesterday

by pale.emperor 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Finkelstein

    Should have of questioned him why he was drunk.

    Then told him that JWS aren't solemnly righteous and wholesome people , there are pedophiles, alcoholics, wife beaters, child beaters. business crooks,. tax evaders, adulterers , fornicators.

    Similar to what you would find within the general population.

    Then you could have pointed out the WTS is a sinning apostate religious publishing house that God would never approve of.

  • stuckinarut2

    Very odd!

    You handled it well.

  • sparrowdown

    Typical JW, they never call first to find out if it's convenient.

  • steve2

    Typical JW, they never call first to find out if it's convenient.

    Yes, they've learnt that if they call first, the person is never at home. Best to cold call.

  • sparrowdown

    Every JW that has called by my house they can never just say I 'm here to say hi and see how you're going since you don't attend meetings anymore. Btw I have a few questions about that if you don't mind talking about it I'm curious as to why and what you believe now...

    No, waaaay to simple, honest and straight forward for JWs they always have some subterfuge going on like oh I was just passing by, oh, I was in the area, oh, I was on my way somewhere else... Never mention the elephant in the room just keep it superficial and frivolous and leaves me wondering why the hell they called in the first place.

  • asp59
    JWs usually hide what they think of feel for echader. I know a case a brother was in Love with syster. But as not showing feeling is so ingrain in that culture. He wrote a letter to the syster Will being drunk. Everything became very odd after that.
  • smiddy3

    If I was you p.e. I would track down where he lives and do a cold call on his residence late in the morning or early afternoon when he would more likely be sober and sound him out as to why he called on you .

    It could be very interesting to see what his response would be .

  • VIII
    Then goes into a rambling rant about "the truth" and "the world" and "sticking to our decisions". He claimed that people in "the world" would slit your throat as soon as look at you. Also that he would never keep the kind of company that I keep.

    My Mom constantly tells me that Worldly people will slit my throat and knife me in the back. They must really push this thesis in the KH and the WT and other literature.

    Odd, in 40 odd years of being gone, I've not had one Worldly friend actually do it; some maybe figuratively, however, it was never over anything life changing and I just dropped them as a friend. Big deal. The JWs drop you over your acknowledging a Birthday. Crazy people.

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