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  • FragrantAddendum

    all those wt elders make me just want to scream

    they are just shameful

    good job, @vidqun and @punky and everybody else dealing with such insanity from the wt-peeps

    you know i'm not a believer in the hellfire-doctrine thing, but this is the gist of how i feel about them with all their life-wrecking shenanigans - what mrs. guttman said:

  • StephaneLaliberte

    If I get a visit from them, I'll say this:

    "I know I told you, 12 years ago, that I needed time, and, would you believe it? I still need more time!".

  • blondie

    StephaneLaliberte, hahahaha. I wish I could be there to see their faces.

  • FragrantAddendum

    they won't come to my door

    i went to a funeral couple weeks ago, just stood outside my car, didn't go in the KH -

    it wasn't the KH i used to go to, it's where my mother-in-law goes

    (my JW husband went in)

    my kids didn't go in, they stayed with me

    the elders were going to call the police because i was in the parking lot

    he asked if they could not call since the kids were there

    i wanted to go to the funeral to show respect for the widow, she and her husband were at my wedding

    the elders sent a "guard" out to make sure i "behaved" in the parking lot - unbelievable

    (i have never disrupted any of their meetings/assemblies/etc)

    my husband had yesterday off for the holiday

    he spent it with one of the local elders

    he had gone over to drop something off and they asked him to stay for lunch and help paint their shed

    (meanwhile our house is falling apart)

    he came back and told me two of my friends have died

    i've known them several decades

    (of course, i can't go to their funerals either or they'll call the police)


    my husband wanted to go to the convention as a family a few weeks ago

    so we went together just for the sunday morning session, i drove

    the attendants seated us since we arrived as the song was beginning

    people said hi to me, even some of the elders (there are a few non-nazi ones)

    but by lunchtime the co running the convention (who hates me) was aware i was there

    so they wanted me to leave, they said my husband and kids could stay but i had to go

    we all left

    these wt people are insane

    breaking up families, one family at a time

    they tell my husband i'm as good as dead, satan spawn, etc kind of thing

    so life at home is like hell a lot of the time

    meanwhile, he doesn't get any help from them curbing his addictions because in wt-land they pretend addictions don't exist as long as you worship the gb-appointed-wt-hierarchy members

    they just enable him and then pretend everything's okay

    wt stinkin whitewashed graves

    i hate it

  • Vidqun

    FragrantAddendum, sorry to hear of you problems. I am thankful not to have immediate family in the "truth" anymore. That simplifies matters for me. They must hate you very much, for speaking the truth, perhaps? Sounds like you wanted to burn down the Kingdom Hall. Perhaps you should've burnt down the Hall then they would have a good reason to hate you. What a horrible lot!

  • StephaneLaliberte

    FragrantAddendum: Did you, at one time, even long ago, had an episode where you got thrown out of a hall for troubling the peace? Something like get up during a meeting and call them all liars or something similar?

    There has to be a reason on why some elders threaten to call the police on you.

    If there isn't, your husband should stand up for you, reach out to Circuit Overseers etc. And if it's been years, well, I guess that's debatable.

  • FragrantAddendum

    i wanted to protect the people in the KH from getting hurt they way i got hurt

    elders don't like it when you tell the truth about one of their own

    the bethel guys really don't like it

  • FragrantAddendum

    i have never disrupted a meeting

    here is what i have done: i have said hello to people after being disfellowshipped (jehovah didn't shun me or disfellowship me and i didn't talk during the meeting but i did say hello to people before and after because i am not ashamed of keeping integrity)

    i have hugged friend in the kh after being disfellowshipped

    i raised my hand to comment when someone dropped a mean comment about me during their bible highlights (about wicked apostates or something) and then when the speaker said "does anyone else have a comment about this week's bible reading?" i raised my hand because i did have a comment, even though i knew they wouldn't call on me - i was being honest, i really did have a comment

    after getting told my privilege to attend is revoked, i stood across the street outside that kh with a sign that said "jehovah's united family" with big hearts on it and i waved to the "friends" i'd known for decades since the elders wouldn't let me in

    i only did that once though and it was after they revoked my "privilege"

  • FragrantAddendum

    back before i got disfellowshipped, it was during covid zoom meetings

    they got mad at me for turning off my audio/video during the elders prayers

    (even though other people have their audio/video off all the time)

    they could tell i disconnected audio/video to make a statement

    and it really irritated the co when he came to visit

    i had been begging him to help with the situation

    i had reached out to other elder bodies in the circuit and at bethel

    but they don't care about protecting the flock

    only about prominence

    that's why they got so mad that i disconnected my audio/video during their prayers

    it was like i wouldn't do an act of worship to them

  • FragrantAddendum

    i never stood up in the hall and said anything about the situation

    i had sent emails to my friends asking them for help and warning them about stuff going on in the congregation

    and the elders got mad about it

    said i wasn't allowed to tell my friends what was going on

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