Why the 2 witnesses rule is not worth attacking........barking up the wrong tree!

by krismalone 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • scratchme1010

    Are you for real, krismalone? You think that what matters here is being reinstated, the congregation, what they tell their victims and their families to do?

    Those people are violating the law. They deserve to be jailed. They are violating children and getting away from it. Who gives a fuck about what their rules and protocols are.

  • jwfacts

    Watchtower issues are a forest, not a tree. The more people barking up individual trees the better, and the two witness rule is definitely a issue worth exposure.

    There are often comments requesting the one question to help a JW leave, or the main issue to expose to bring the religion down. There is no silver bullet. JWs have a vast range of reasons for why they think it is the truth, or why they want to be part of the religion. It takes a variety of tailored approaches to help, and exposure of each and every issue is worth the effort.

  • tor1500


    Here's the $64 thousand dollar question..."WHO WOULD WAIT FOR A WITNESS TO COME TO WITNESS THEM MOLESTING A CHILD? Isn't this stuff done in secret...they don't want to be caught so that's why only the child/person & the molester would be there...Duh?

    2 witness can't work in certain crimes...robbing a store...you'll have witnesses...car accident, crimes where they are done in public...nobody would molest a child/person in public...

    The org. knows that, is that they want to make it more complicated then it is...They remind me of a line Richard Pryor once said when his wife caught him...He told her, who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes...priceless...

    As we see with all this sexual misconduct, most of it happened years ago...no witnesses only the 2 involved....

    The org. is being silly...& trying to stop the inevitable...being accountable...& they will...the sexual flood gates are open...watch out...starts with the secular world, next stop ....religion...


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