zelevis has left the building

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  • Celia
    ...there for my user name is a remider to u all of what u come off as.....

    we had a poster once named Troucul, nice guy, once I got to know him. The first time I saw his user name, I wondered why anyone would choose such a name to be known by on a board such as this... does Zelevis has the same meaning ? I wonder....

  • SanFranciscoJim
    Jim, last night I cross-checked all of abraham's posts and zelevis's posts, and didn't find any IP matches (though the writing style is very similar). If you like, p/m me...there is virtually no good reason for multiple accounts.

    Onacruse, I think you know enough of me by now to know that I am not the sort who would blindly make accusations and/or start a flame war without good reason.

    There are many reasons why these two persons could show different IP codes:

    * They could post from a public library, a friend's home, or an internet café.

    * They have a dynamic IP instead of a static IP.

    * They are using an anonymizer.

    That being said, the style of writing between these two individuals is virtually identical. What alerted me to the probability of these two posters being one in the same was a thread by zelevis that had nothing to do with homosexuality, yet he himself hijacked the thread to use the Bible to bash me in virtually the same manner abraham did. I genuinely doubt this person spent the time researching the internet to find out who I am, unless he spent an equal amount of time researching other posters as well. He knew exactly where to get information on me. If he went through my posts for this information, he likely would have had to go through hundreds of threads to get the "ammunition" against me that he used. This being unlikely, the most plausible explanation is that he has been monitoring my interaction with abraham. I find this equally unlikely, because most of those threads are rather deeply buried by now.

    If these two individuals are indeed different posters, so be it. It does make me wonder, however, why someone would spend so much time going out of their way to glean information about one particular poster on this forum unless they had an unspoken ulterior motive in mind. To further hijack their own thread and turn it into an anti-gay thread, utilizing the Bible to do their dirty work, when no one but themselves ever mentioned the subject in that thread, once again arouses suspicion.

    I'll PM this post to you as well.

  • Stephanus

    It's all a moot point if he really has "left the building".

  • onacruse

    Jim, thanks for the p/m. And you're right; there are many ways that a poster can hide behind multiple accounts. There's a limit to what technology can do, and it's the "gut" feelings of good folks like you usually flushes them out. It's as a community that we protect ourselves and others. Thanks for the feedback.

    I would like to say: I hate to use the word "troll," because I've seen that categorization applied a little too freely, at times, imho. Real "trolls" are few and far between, at least as far as JWD is concerned.

    Steph, if indeed zelevis has chosen to leave, well, then, so be it. Hopefully (and I know we all feel this way) he/she wasn't "driven off" by needlessly harsh responses (fwiw, I don't think that's what happened). But as far as being a "moot issue," I think not. If nothing else, an episode like this can help us all realize that it's in our mutual benefit to "raise the red flag"...if done honestly, and without rancor, then no harm done, eh?

    Just my 2 cents


  • orangefatcat

    zzzzzelevis take your jealously elsewhere.

    by the way this is for you "se xeso"

    bye bye now.....


  • cruzanheart

    Efkharisto, orangefatcat!


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