To those desiring to be of the anointed..

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  • stillajwexelder

    Your point aguest?

  • AGuest

    That the meek SHALL inherit the earth... and reside forever upon it. These "meek", however, are those of the 144,000 (from among the sons of Israel)... AND teh great crowd which no man was able to number.

    Many "christian" religions believe that when we die (or when the holy ones die)... we go to live with God in heaven. That is a lie! Until the first resurrection, which does not take place until my Lord returns, all who fall asleep either go to the world of the dead (those who do not belong to Christ) or under the altar (those who do belong to the Christ)... to AWAIT resurrection. The first resurrection are of those under the altar, at the same time that those who did NOT die (but belonged to Christ)... are changed.

    Once this resurrecting/changing occurs, "we" meet the Lord in the air to be taken to his FATHER's house... for the marriage ceremony. Once that ceremony is complete, the "bridegroom" then takes his "bride" to HIS house... within New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem then COMES DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN... TO THE EARTH... where it remains to time indefinite... and "subdues" the earth.

    That is why Isaiah saw even animals... in JAH's "holy mountain." That "mountain"... is Zion... on which the Holy City, NEW Jerusalem, will sit.

    And thus will be fulfilled the plea of my Lord:

    "Let your kingdom... COME. Let your will... be done... AS in heaven... ALSO upon earth."

    What does this mean? That the tent of God IS with mankind... and just as God once walked with ad-ham... He will again "be" with all of mankind, who is no longer fleshly, but spiritual. Celestial man... versus terrestrial man.

    And whatever separation has existed between God and man... whatever expanse... whatever realms... whatever worlds... that kept us from Him... and He from us... will no longer exist. God's will will be done on EARTH... just as that will is done in heaven. There will be no difference at all. Just as angels come and go from that realm to this... we, too, will be able to "go in and out... and find pasturage."

    That is one of the things this is all about: reconciling man and God... so that they can dwell TOGETHER... in peace.

    I bid YOU peace, Stilldude.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • stillajwexelder

    My original point was that I wanted to live forever on paradise earth and that was what attracted me to the truth -- so I am still missing your point - the WTBTS taught and still teaches that -- so waht is your point -- in 1 or 2 sentences if possible please

  • Satanus

    I'm anointed too. It was always there. I just needed to see it, and so, one day i did. Like the singing guy said, it's not all it's cracked up to be.


  • kes152


    I will reply if it is okay.

    you asked AGuest, "the WTBTS taught and still teaches that -- so waht is your point -- in 1 or 2 sentences if possible please"

    The point is, all who belong to Christ and are anointed go to heaven to marry the Lamb. Then, the Lamb with us will dwell in our 'home' (which is New Jerusalem) and that home will come down out of heaven to the earth. So your hope of living forever on the earth will happen. When the heavenly city dwells upon the earth, the ANOINTED will live forever and inherit the earth and God himself will be with us.

  • kes152

    To heathen,

    The 'appointed time of the nations' refers to the nations 'time' that they were given to trample upon the holy city and bring it to desolations (Luke 21:24). Daniel does not speak of the 'chosen ones' showing up after that appointed time is over.

    Jesus said, "If anyone is thristy, let him come to me and he that PUTS FAITH in me let him drink, just as the scripture says, 'From his inmost parts streams of living water will flow.' " (John 7:37, 38). In John 7:39 he says what 'water' he was speaking about: "However, he said this concerning the SPIRIT which those who put faith in him were about to receive; for as yet there was no spirit because 'Jesus' had not yet been glorified."

    Anyone who is thirsty is invited to "come to him," and anyone who puts faith in Christ will be given drink. That drink is holy spirit and anyone who receives such holy spirit will never get thirsty at all, but the spirit will become inside him a fountain of water bubbling up to everlasting life (John 4:10, 14). This is truly a wonderful gift and it is not offered to only 144,000, it is offered to anyone.

    That is why he says yet again, "Come to ME all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and LEARN from me, for I am mild-tempered and LOWLY in heart, and you will find REFRESHMENT for your souls. For my yoke is KIND and my load is LIGHT." (Matthew 11:28-30).

    He wants everyone to partake of him and take HIS yoke upon them. He wants everyone to receive his spirit and belong to him so that they may inherit the heavenly city, New Jerusalem, that comes down out of heaven. It is all reserved for anyone who wishes. The invitation is to all for many are invited to come, eat of his sacrifice and to partake of his goodness. The spirit is FAR more enriching than the flesh and it itself gives EVERLASTING life.

  • AGuest

    thank you for your words of truth... and the greatest of love and peace to you!

    Dearest Still... "what he (kes) said"... and peace to you, too!

    A slave of Christ,


  • bebu

    This was, for me, an enjoyable post.

    I found very little that I could disagree with, and I thought what you wrote about "being anointed" was very clearly expressed.

    Look in your heart and see your sins. Look inside yourself deep and scrutinize your heart. If you should find ANY uncleanness confess it to Christ. If you openly confess your sins, he is faithful and righteous and will forgive you your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

    I think the kind of self-examination, that "living in the moment with God" and yielding all those deepest thoughts to him... cleaning out the attic and basement and leaving nothing behind... THIS VERY THING leads to the kind of "spirituality" that people always find themselves wishing for, but don't know where/how to get started. It works, because you are being vulnerable and honest with God. For me, it has never failed whenever I go immediately to the thing(s) that I truly wish to avoid the most.

    There is the truest self, the truest nakedness, and the first discovery of God's grace.

    (Edited to add: cleaning out the corners of the attic and basement of fears brings the next.)


  • franklin J
    franklin J a kid I always wondered what it would be like to be the one who tasted the Mazza and the an adult I now realize that all it is was a plate of cheap crackers and cheap wine from a screw top bottle.....what a dissapointment!

    I would much rather have a tea party with my four year old daughter....

  • kes152

    Hello bebu,

    What I hear is the same thing Moses said when 70 of the older men of Israel received holy spirit and began prophesying just as Moses had. Joshua, the son of Nun was jealous for the sake of Moses and asked Moses to stop others from being 'holy' like Moses was holy. Rather, Moses said, "Are you feeling jealous for me? No, I wish that all of JAH's people were prophets because JAH would put his spirit upon them." (Numbers 11:28, 29)

    Just as Moses wanted "everyone" to be prophets and holy, so also does the Father. Hence, when JAH sent forth his Son into the inhabited earth to save us from sins, he ascended on high (after he was raised up) and he gave 'gifts' to the men. Thus, by means of him all of JAH's people would have holy spirit and b means of such spirit become a holy people for a special possession to inherit the kingdom of God prepared in the heavens.

    Peace be with you

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