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  • kes152

    The invitation to be of the anointed is offered to anyone, for the scripture says, "Many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14).

    The call is to anyone who wishes to be of the anointed and many respond to the heavenly calling. But upon finding out what is needed and what is done, only few are the ones who choose to keep the anointing and remain in it. Others do not want to give up their 'possessions' and 'return to the things behind' (Luke 18:22, 23; John 6:66). All, no matter how many, who surrender all things for the anointing, get it because they truly WANT it (Luke 18:29, 30; Luke 14:33).

    In Matthew 11:12 Christ said, "But from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is the GOAL toward which men press, and those pressing forward are SEIZING it."

    From the days of John until Christ, the kingdom of the heavens (the invitation to LIVE in heaven as the anointed) is the GOAL toward which men press. All men are pressing toward to be of the anointed. The men who keep pressing, no matter who says 'they cannot be of the anointed,' are the very ones who are seizing the anointing. That has been happening since the days of Christ and as Christ said in Revelation 3:8, "Look! I have set before YOU an opened door which no one can shut," that door to become of the anointed is STILL opened. It has been opened and will remain opened until the 'hour of test,' the great trouble that will hit the entire inhabited earth (Revelation 3:10; Matthew 24:20, 21). Many have tried to close that 'door,' and many have tried to limit and stop others who were trying to be of the anointed; but they will not succeed (Matthew 23:13). All are invited, and all will be invited.

    The Christ says, "Look! I have set before you an opened door which no one can shut that you may have a little power" (Revelation 3:8). Christ is the door, the way to the anointed and it is only through him that we can receive the anointing. If anyone chooses to truly come to Christ and request to be of his anointed, these things will be revealed to him:

    The one who wants to be anointed will become a 'living stone' in the temple of God, rejected by men but chosen precious with God (1 Peter 2:4-7). He will become a member of the 'body of Christ,' a chosen race, a holy priesthood, and holy spirit will be given to him to dwell in his heart as evidence that he is now 'of the body' of Christ (1 Corinthians 6:19, 20). The holy spirit will speak to him to begin 'teaching him all things' so that he will need no one to be teaching him at all (John 14:26; 1 John 2:27). The new covenant will be written upon his heart and a new spirit will be put inside him to help him carry out the new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 11:19, 20). He will be required to stop putting his faith in men, in religions, in earthly organizations and even himself (Proverbs 3:5; Psalms 37:5-7). He will have to truly put all his faith in Christ, his love is to go to Christ, and his obedience to what he hears from holy spirit must go also to Christ. He will be in a new covenant and disobedience to that covenant is rebellion against Christ (Hebrews 8:9; Hebrews 12:25). To keep his 'connection' and his 'spirituality' in good health, he will need to partake of the body and blood of Christ in order to remain in union with him and keep remembering him (John 6:53-58; Matthew 26:26-28). The holy spirit will begin to 'bear fruit' through him of love, joy, peace, longness of spirit, faith, etc. and through it he will be sent to invite others to also receive the anointing (John 20:21). The anointing was received FREE, therefore it is GIVEN free (Matthew 10:8). The anointing is for anyone who wishes to render to God sacred service in TRUTH by means of Christ (John 1:12).

    For those who love the anointing and are wishing to approach God through the anointing, this is what the holy spirit says:

    "Look in your heart and see your sins. Look inside yourself deep and scrutinize your heart. If you should find ANY uncleanness confess it to Christ. If you openly confess your sins, he is faithful and righteous and will forgive you your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. By his forgiveness of your sins, you will be APPROVED to partake of the loaf and drink of the cup (1 Corinthians 11:28; James 4:8). If you should choose to hold on to the anointing and begin to love your God and love the name of your God (Isaiah 56:4-7); these things will be binding upon you in the new covenant:

    -You are to keep your faith and your love, and your obedience to Christ. Whatever it is you should hear from him, you are to do. What things he speaks to you from heaven, you should do, for the things he speaks he has heard from his Father in the heavens (John 14:15, 24). You are too keep scrutinizing your hearts and to keep enumerating the new covenant in your heart that you may not commit a sin. If you do commit a sin, there is a helper with the Father, Jesus Christ a righteous one (1 John 2:1, 2). If you are honest and should confess your sins, he will be faithful and righteous to forgive you your sins for the sake of his name and cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:7, 9). You must approach him at all times and open your heart before him constantly. You must always openly acknowledge your sins including the sins you do not want to acknowledge. You will become by means of this, a loyal priest in heaven and you will remain clean by means of holy spirit that is poured out upon you.- "

    The holy spirit now makes references to the priests in the days of Moses and their application today:

    "To those of you who wish to hold firm on the anointing, you must become holy. You must be holy because I am holy. This is how you can remain holy:

    "Those of the house of Aaron who received the priesthood they were bathed and washed thoroughly seven days in water (Exodus 29:4, 29, 30; Exodus 30:19-21). Then the priestly garments were put upon them according to the command that I gave Moses. Likewise, anyone of you who accepts the anointing and wishes to receive it in your hearts, will be washed with water constantly to set you apart from those who do not wish to have the anointing. I will give you new white garments and I will put a holy diadem upon you so that you will be my 'anointed' (Exodus 29:6). The 'water' you will be washed with will be holy spirit, the living water the bubbles from heaven (Titus 3:4-7). Then the anointing oil, will be poured upon you to consecrate you to myself that you may serve me in my holy mountain (Exodus 29:7). Whenever you approach me, your relationship with me will be different from others. When others approach me, they pray but do not 'hear' my responses. When you pray, however, you will actually hear my voice speaking with you (Exodus 25:22).

    Therefore, when you do hear my voice, do not harden your hearts as your fathers did in Meribah and at Massah when they put me to the test (Psalms 95:7-11). Also, do not beg off from me when I am speaking to you, but take care to pay CLOSE attention to all my words and do all that I command you, that your righteousness will grow like the waves of the sea (Hebrews 12:25). When the priests came in to minister to me, it was very important that they carried my judgments upon their hearts and kept my covenants written upon their hearts as a true dedication to me (Exodus 28:29, 30). Likewise, you also should continue to enumerate my covenant and keep my laws and my judgments upon your hearts BEFORE, AFTER, and even DURING your prayers to me. This is in order that you may continue to be holy as I am holy. You will be sent forth, just as I have been sent forth, that through you my righteousness will spread (Malachi 4:6)."

    --These are the things He says, may you ALL have peace!

  • heathen

    I disagree. I don't think the anointing is something that people just ask for and are granted . In revelation it specifies a sealing of 144k persons that have a heavenly calling and are sealed by God before the founding of the world much like the apostles wrote about all things being foreordained . Symbolically there are 12 tribes of 12 thousand .

  • petespal2002

    I agree with heathen

  • AGuest

    of Revelation 7:4, 9, 15... with 5:9, 10... along with Romans 11:25... will give you a bit more insight so as to better understand the admonition at Revelation 22:17, dear Heathen (peace to you!).

    For while previously, the Covenant mediated by Moses was for Israel (and those who joined Israel by the evidence circumcision of the flesh) ONLY... the NEW Covenant is open to ANYONE hearing... ANYONE thirsting... yes, ANYONE WHO WISHES. ANYONE... who HEARS the invitation... no matter their nation, tribe, tongue or people... can come and take life's "water"... holy spirit... free!

    Kes... the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!

    Your servant and fellow slave of Christ,


  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    I am of the anointed its not all its cracked up to being. My ex-wife used to get all freeked out if I even hinted that was of this mighty group, saying you have not gone through enough misery. I told her hell I married you didn't I.


  • Nosferatu

    I'll be one of the anointed!! What the hell, gotta try anything once. I wonder if God knows how to play guitar, me and him could jam. I'll get to flirt with all the angel chicks, float on clouds, name stars after dead people, it'll be fun! I could probably figure out how to tap Gods prayer communication line and get some entertainment.

    My ex-wife used to get all freeked out if I even hinted that was of this mighty group, saying you have not gone through enough misery. I told her hell I married you didn't I.


  • kes152

    Have peace!

    In Revelation 7:4 it says that those who are from the twelve tribes of the 'sons of Israel' are "sealed." It does not say 'anointed.' Further, in Revelation 14:4 it says the 144,000 are "firstfruits" to God and to the Lamb. So, if they are the firstfruits, there must be "other fruits" that also will be entering heaven. They are seen 'worshipping God' IN HIS TEMPLE (the 'temple' is only in heaven, Revelation 14:17) day and night (Revelation 7:15).

  • stillajwexelder

    I have no desire to be of the anointed -never have -- one of the things that attracted me to the truth was to live forever on EARTH

  • AGuest

    one of the things that attracted me to the truth was to live forever on EARTH


    "And they advanced over the breadth OF THE EARTH... and ENCIRCLED the camp OF THE HOLY ONES... AND the beloved City."

    Revelation 20:9


    "I saw also New Jerusalem, coming down OUT OF HEAVEN from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. With THAT, I heard a loud voice from the throne say, "Look! The tent of GOD... IS WITH MANKIND, and HE... will reside... with THEM... and they will be His people. And God Himself... will be... with THEM."

    Revelation 21:3

    While it is indeed true that the holy ones are first taken to heaven, such "trip" is for the marriage of the Bride (the entire group, all at one time) to the Christ. AFTERWARD, that Bride rules... along with Christ for 1,000 years... UPON THE EARTH.

    Revelation 5:9, 10

    Thus, the meek SHALL inherit the earth... and SHALL reside... forever upon it. And Paradise WILL be spread over the entire surface of the earth... just as the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies... has purposed from the founding of the world.

    May you have ears... to hear.

    A slave of Christ,


  • heathen

    Kess152--- My take on this is that there was an anointing of the first century converts to christianity possibly a first little flock of sheep that was promised the same as the anointed in revelation who would appear after the appointed times of the nations was fulfilled according to the prophet Daniel. Jesus did say that," he that is last would be first" so here we are in the last days and acts 2:17 talks about a pouring out his spirit on his prophets . Revelation 11:3 talks about 2 witnesses prophesy( Of course now we can assume they are anointed with holy spirit.) I hate to make a big sloppy mess out of this but that kinda sums up the way I see it .

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