Map: Clinton Archipelago vs Trumpland

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  • Simon

    It still looks a lot healthier than the Clinton Archipelago. One looks like a country, the other looks like slim pickings.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    It still looks a lot healthier than the Clinton Archipelago. One looks like a country, the other looks like slim pickings.

    You're not taking into account the population density of those 'archipelagos'. The large pro-Trumpian locations are mostly the least dense in population density. One outweighs the other by three million votes.

  • ctrwtf

    "It's rigged!" is the utterly moronic call of the dolt that won the electoral college. Enough already. If the Dems were capable of drumming up 3 to 5 million illegal votes, why didn't they make sure they were placed in swing states so that they could have actually won the election?

    Another million or so Dem votes in both NY and CA isn't going to add a single Electoral Vote.

  • Simon

    I think it's easier to rig elections in your strongholds that you control than in swing states.

    Why do it? To boost your numbers and overstate your "popular" support?

    What matters are the facts and we'll only know those after an investigation.

    I feel this whole pantomime has a few more surprise revelations to play out and it's all intertwined - popular vote, Clinton and the DNC, Trump and his wall, illegal immigration.

    Run end of season credits, air teaser during superbowl, tune in to find out in the fall ...

  • Spoletta

    The question is, is there a mechanism for Americans to force an investigation, or are we at the mercy of the majority party? I can certainly see the Republicans stymieing any attempt to investigate the present administration.

    I would support any sort of major investigation of both parties, because(and this is my biased opinion) I suspect that the Republicans have a lot more to hide then the Democrats.

  • bohm

    Spoletta: There are ongoing investigations in the Trump administration, it is just not being reported that much for some reason. It is believed the FBI obtained a FISC (financial transactions) search order in October 2016 (the initial request made in the summer was narrowed). In addition to this the recent problems for Flynn (the ongoing relevelations he lied about discussing sanctions with the Russians) was brought to light by intelligence sources who moniter communication with the Russian ambassy. It is important to notice that the article in the WAPO on Flynn had 9 (!) separate sources which is unprecedented.

    The whole "I got a buisness that can be influenced by foreign governments but but that ain't unconstitutional" thing will eventually be tried in court and according to at least one expert constitutional lawyer it is unconstitutional.

    In addition to this someone has dug up a 1929 law that might force Trump to release his tax returns for the past 10 years ;-).

    I can give you some generally reliable sources about the ongoing investigations if you are interested.

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