Map: Clinton Archipelago vs Trumpland

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  • Simon

    Great visualization of the voting difference from the election!

  • Landy

    I think it's telling that the only US places I have any intention of visiting are on the coast!

  • slimboyfat
    Really? I want to visit the Black Hills. I doubt many Oglala voted Trump.
  • azor

    The middle of the country. Where freedom reigns as long as you're a young earth fundamentalist Christian.

  • Finkelstein

    Odds on bet Trump doesn't last the full 4 year term.

    Can a US President get impeached solely upon incompetence ?

  • slimboyfat

    To state the bleeding obvious, of course: hardly anyone lives in the flyover states where Trump won, and Clinton got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump overall.

    I just noticed that Trump won Utah by a significant margin. So much for the Mormons voting against Trump on principle...


    Can a US President get impeached solely upon incompetence ?

    Not when he can be Defended with Alternative Facts..


    Image result for Alternative facts

  • Simon

    Reports in of a women found to have voted 5 (five!) times and is an illegal immigrant.

    I wonder if that 3m majority that the dems are clinging to will actually hold up to scrutiny?

    The combination of illegal votes + sanctuary cities + dem strongholds could turn out to be significant in all the wrong ways. As much as Trump is an utter fool, I don't think he's a idiot. The dems changed from "ridiculous, you have no evidence" to "no, lets' forget it" too quickly as soon as "investigation" was mentioned.

    What if 3m (or even 1m) votes are found to have been cast? What does that do to the US election and to the democratic party? (who I think are most likely to be impacted by illegal voting).

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    That Trumpland map looks like it's suffering from some sort of wasting disease.

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