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  • eyeuse2badub

    I always hated fs. ALWAYS! I was embarrassed when I met up with classmates at the door and had to explain what I was doing! I always hoped that no one would answer the door. The irony of it all was that I was very good at the door. I knew the bible and could easily explain wt doctrine. And I was damn proud of myself for being so articulate, smart, and righteous!

    However, I remember one Saturday morning when I met a man at the door and we had a 2 hour discussion/debate about the 144,000, literal number or symbolic. He was right and I couldn't logically dispute what he showed me from my own bible. It did put a seed of doubt in my head. Too friggin bad that it took another 35 years or so to sprout!

    just saying!

  • waton
    They should be at home watching cartoons k1878
    I was out in service on a terribly cold, inhospitable winter morning h

    On such a cold Saturday, in a place where the snow used to stays for 6 month, (and the mosquitos for 7), A man remarked just that about my small, then 5 year old. " It is child abuse to have him out in the cold deprived of his Saturday TV, take him home !!" I muttered some "theocratic" response, "training life giving message". But there was a serious beginner ski hill within sight, full of kids, that is where we should have been, Certainly not watching B-rated Org available now.

  • DesirousOfChange

    F2F— I often considered contacting that former BS to chat with them about the influence they had on my leaving but feared they might share the info with JWs who knock on their door. My most recent call from a JW was from someone that spoke to this former BS in the door-2-door work.

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