Holy spirit indwelling

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  • truthlover123

    By that I mean, they use the "" holy spirit"" inference as they want to use it.. since the writing department has full sway over moving the publishers will to get things done..

  • truthlover123

    The GB themselves at the 2012 Annual Meeting said that " we dont have a hole in the "ceiling" to determine what a scripture means,,, if they cannot reach agreement (is holy spirit working?) they put it in a drawer and sometimes in upcoming months/years, they may come to agreement as to what the scripture means. You would think that as acting as the all knowing , informed, chosen ones, that they would know - just like prophets of old would when angels visited them or God spoke directly to them, not re writing the bible to suit their objective.

  • EverApostate

    There is nothing called Holy Spirit. Its all imagination and self delusion.

  • peacefulpete

    Boy that 1987 quote of a quote: "his holy spirit dwell richly in us"

    would have given me the willys if I had read it back then. I NEVER heard them use that lingo. Sounds like the person being quoted was a new convert and hadn't yet lost the churchspeak.

  • Ding

    I would have said that the WT teaches that holy spirit indwelling is for the 144,000 only until I read that 1987 quote.

    I searched for other statements but didn't find anything definitive.

    That's why I started this topic.

  • Bobcat

    Here is an off-site thread wherein I layed out research I had done on the Greek family of words related to "anoint" and words that had some NT relation to them for any interested.

    It is interesting that the phrase 'anointed Christian' never occurs in the NT. In fact, such a phrase would not be unlike 'liquid water' or some other such tautology.

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