CLAM (Feb 8-14) - Are You "Reaching Out"? (15mins)

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Are You Reaching Out, at the CLAM.

    It could be they will start to come down on dissenters, faders, doubters. If you are not *reaching-out* per se, you will be viewed suspiciously and sniffed-out for doubts.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Diogenisister: I'm not aware of the case which you refer to. However, I note the pattern of the GBoJW continually evading responsibility, showing an established pattern of denial, and a lack of humility in dealing with matters for which they are clearly incompetent. Such weak and insecure individuals are not a peace with themselves. They tend to externalise events and thus point the finger at others. Thus, my assessment is that elders are significantly at risk of being the "fall guy" as they say in the USA.

    Burnedout: your's is a prime example to those thinking of reaching out, not to do so. Yourl experience is evidentiary of their being a gulf between the shepherd depicted in scripture, and the WTBTS's design of the role (to serve their interests only). I too found the role tortuous and resigned years ago. I note that you said that you were planning suicide. I do sincerely hope that such is not the case now and that your levels of stress have diminished. If this is not the case, I hope you will cast aside the WT's disdain of mental health services and consider obtaining professional help. I would echo Steve2's thought about writing about your experience. There are many who could learn from your experience.

    I note from another thread, that the video I referred to is to be screened in KH's in March. I will comment on the video in more detail in that thread later. For the present, I can say that the video is exemplary of the GB and the teaching department's incompetence. There is no thought of recommending to the sufferer that she consider obtaiing professional help. For example, if an individual in the UK approaches a General Practitioner in a suicidal state, the GP will in all likelihood seek to obtain secondary services with haste. That GP will see the sufferer as needing that level of help as a matter of course. Yet the GB / teaching committee lack such humility and condour, seek to deal with the matter "in house" and merely display their incompetence. The approach places elders are risk in that they are being encouraged to deal with a difficult issue which is beyond their competence. The approach parallels that seen in cases of alleged child abuse where the service desk at Bethel is the first and only response rather than encouraging involvement of specialist police and child protection services. Both the responses to child abuse, and the recommended response to a suicidal individual are quite reprehensible.


    Am I "reaching out"??? NO.


  • prologos

    believe it or not, a toilet cleaning sequence is actually part of the WT video at the hall. to reach out to become an elder. reach out with the toilet brush and rag.

  • dbq407

    The elder on stage giving our part said that he has heard many elders comment that if they knew it was going to be so much work, they wouldn't have become and elder.

    He was trying to point out how much work the elders do, but to me it sounded like most elders hate their job.

  • ToesUp

    "He was trying to point out how much work the elders do, but to me it sounded like most elders hate their job."

    They DO hate their jobs, they are just told to parrott, "It's a priviledge."

    Some of the most critical Elders I have met are the ones who don't work a full 40 hour week or are retired. They seem to forget what it is like for the Elders who are maxed out. We had on Nazi Elder in our hall that was always barking, "where's Brother so and so?" but he was retired, his home paid off, his kids grown and he received not only his pension but he was retired military. Received military benefits. He was one of the biggest as**(&%s!.

    He couldn't keep his kids in the org. They left! I wonder why? (sarcasm)

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Video about reaching out was shown at my KH's midweek meeting. Consisted of the characters Ryan and Andrew with the former giving the narrative. Ryan focussed on his physical prowess, and recreation. Andrew good in ministry and helpful to others in the congregation. Andrew recently appointed as a MS. Ryan felt he should have been a MS by this time too. "It's all about being a spiritual man" the video conveyed. Infers that if you're not reaching out then you're not a spiritual person. Video was a simple duality between two individuals with one's lifestyle conducive to gaining an appointment and the other's being non-conducive. Rather boring and soporific I'm afraid.

    Item was chaired by the CoBE. He echoed the thought that reaching out is evidentiary of being a spiritual man! He stated that "It's not a good idea to go around dropping hints" about getting an appointment! Rather, "It takes humility to serve your brothers" he added. He stated that it may take "many years" but then again Abraham had to wait many years before seeing God's promise re a son being fulfilled, andd thus had to learn patience. He cited 1 Cor 4:4 with the application that "others may have reason to hold a less favourable view of you" and advised humilty and working on the counsel given. He repeated the emphasis on ministry and return visits. This CoBE stated that "with the great increase, there is a need for more and more brothers to reach out"! He concluded by saying again that "reaching out means being a spiritual man"!

    This was said by a CoBE who has at least six former appointed men in his congregation, and has learned nothing about his mal treatment of others being a significant contribution to egress. He is also a CoBE who sees those who get appointments as potentially threatening to his position. This psyche governs how he interacts with them over a period of time and contributes to their relinquishing their positions. He is a hard liner on higher education and two brothers were deleted for sponsoring their children's higher education. Many in his congregation have got better things to do than endure his very lengthy timeline.

    In terms of being a spiritual man or not - that's between the person and God and none of their business as I alluded to in the scripture quoted at the outset in this thread.

  • cappytan

    Here's the video you're referring to, Nicholaus:

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