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  • Sardis

    Today religious leaders from all branches of Christianity accomplish good things while teaching apostasy. The apostles said that apostasy would be ripe after he and the others died, and is how we are refined by testing the apostasy against the bible to know our God. This is seen in the letters to the 7 congregations in revelation. Today, christians are the same as the parisees in Jesus day when he told them;

    Matthew 15:7 "You hypocrites, Isaiah aptly prophesied about you when he said:8 ‘This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from me.9 It is in vain that they keep worshipping me, for they teach commands of men as doctrines.’”

    Christians in first century so quickly started to act like Pharisees and revere people like Paul or Apollos, creating sects and teach commands of men, instead of Jesus who died. Paul rebuked them for this and was glad he was not the one who baptized them.


    This is why you need to pray for humility and understanding so you can understand God's word through man's apostasy which are commands of men as doctrine. The congregation is there, imperfect run by men and full of apostasy, so keep your garments clean. Revelation 3:4

  • asp59

    Christians have a God given freedom. You can not have a organization that's controls everything and make decisions in personal matters. Member's can not grow and develop there talent's. It becomes a dictatorship. Everything becomes control and you get the gossip or snitching environment. It's the leaders conscious that's dictate everything and regular JWs are not allowed to develop there own conscious and relation with God. Think that's one of things that's happened with this org. Some leaders thought there were superior then rest of flock in taking decisions and spirituality. Either they wanted too protect or control. A Christian is kept standing by force of Holy spirit, not by man. Well like any bad run dictatorship this org gonna come to it's end soon. Either fall apart by it self, or by Jahs power and rightful decisions.

  • Sardis

    The bible clearly described an organizational structure for christians to carry out worship. The problem is when people who lead glorify themselves...like the pope, or the GB. They call themselves God's channel...Jesus is that title, so this is where a good chunk of apostasy pours in. Very good point about not letting people develop their own relationship or conscience before God. This became abundantly clear to me when they started proselytizing the vaccine ahead of God's kingdom, just as governor Houchel asked.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    It helped me clarify my niggling doubts that I am indeed caught up in a cult. Trapped in a group that would cause my deep emotional stress if I were to ever officially leave. I coukdnt bare the thought of being shunned by all my close relatives. Years of bottled up frustration and anger at the GB who will not budge on their cruel policy. Also helped me realise what ex and current jws on here really think about the cult. It helped me realise that jehovahs witnesses are living in a bubble, a sort of twilight zone, blinded by the wool pulled over their eyes.... Even when faced with facts refuse to look behond the curtain. Fear of losing out on everlasting life, fear of armageddon, fear of being shunned. Basically helped me realised I was part of a cult group that uses fear to keep people in with their brainwashing teachings. I'm stuck in my life not being able to move on for 'fear' of breaking up my family. But this site did lead me to crises of conscience. That I can be thankful for

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