Are You No Longer Interested in the Arts?

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  • done4good

    The arts and music are extremely important to me. I collect art, (mostly paintings and artistic photography), do artistic photography, collect music, (own an LP collection of well over 1000), and read and write poetry. I also have a significant interest in philosophy.

    Most threads about these subjects I do participate in, but rarely start topics to begin with. Maybe I should...


  • LisaRose

    Yes, I agree there isn't a lot of now JW related topics anymore. The few times I posted such things there wasn't any response, so I don't do it anymore. I enjoyed your senior moments thread though.

    I am not up on all the arts, but I do enjoy browsing art galleries and museums. I went to Santa Fe a few years ago and wouldn't you know it the Georgia O'Keefe museum was closed, I've always been a fan and was looking forward to it. I also tried to go to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art a while back and it was closed for remodeling. I did get to the Denver Art Museum, they opened a whole new building about seven years ago before I moved from there, that was pretty good. The building is very unusual, it looks sort of like a big ship.

  • sissyb
    The arts are my life - I am a collections manager in a fine arts museum, and I'm also a photographer. I love old classic movies and books, as well as classical, jazz, and alt-indie music. I'll talk art all day long if you want!
  • LV101

    Love art - can't find time to do any painting with house reconstruction/remodel and elderly family members in assisted living (still time consuming for us) but mostly into oil but acrylic/water color was challenging at one time in comparison to oil. One could never learn enough or visit art museums enough. From the west coast to famous Renaissance paintings in Florence, Italy, to the amazing Hermitage Museum in Russia, it's never enough for me.

    For those on the west coast there's a wonderful gallery in Pasadena, Ca, called the Norton Simon Gallery. There's also great art at the Getty Museum. Laguna, California, has wonderful art exhibits/shows all summer long. They also have the Pageant of the Arts with real actors making appearances now and then for receptions.

    Amazing art museums in D.C., NYC - Guggenheim, Museo del Prado, Spain, everywhere, but there's never enough time to spend as much time as I'd like at each one. They say if you spend few seconds/minutes at each painting at the Hermitage it would take over 18 yrs., if not more. Doubt I'll ever get back to Russia - sad.

    This is a great topic, Coco! Would be fun to discuss/review famous artists. I love art history and dying to take an art history course.

  • sowhatnow

    Maybe some of us aren't aware that we can talk about other things, and get a response,lol .

    well, there you go, done4good, we both like photography, and poetry and music.

    [ Id guess some of my music isn't in your library,, lol.]

    Id guess there is so much weirdness is going on in the org, its like everyday someone has a new story to tell.

    so Ill give it a go.
    maybe someone needs to pick a subject, and see what happens? Is photography an art or a hobby or both?
    Lets say for example Id make a post about my photography hobby, and provide a link to some of my best photos at, would anyone care to view them? [who has the time]
    I will drive a mile to find a high spot to take pics of a sunset, I will spend half an hour around a tree to get a good pic of a bird, or a squirrel. I go to the lake myself, and get photos of whatever the day brings me. my camera is my de stress buddy.
    I enlarge my photos, and put them in frames and hang them in my place. I also give them as gifts. someday Id like to make a children's book or greeting cards
    using my few little creative poems and my large collection of nature photos.
    I just wish I had someplace else to get pictures other than the area around me.
    Apparently, I have an unusual taste in music. I know no one who listens to what I do.
    if I provided links to some songs, would anyone listen to them or recognize, the artists and say, ‘hey, I like those too!‘ I doubt it. Im an outlier.
    Ok, so like everyone, been to Carnegie art museum, and all the other fine ‘artsy and museumy’ establishments in the Pittsburgh pa area. but not the andy worhol exhibit, thats not my thing. my daughter and I cleaned for an artist who won some sort of big award, she was very good.
    next weekend Im going to the international car show.
    I did try to post some humor, but no one must have thought it was funny, no one had any comments to add.
    I guess then we’d maybe, find someone else that might have something in common with us, other than a former traumatic belief system, lol
    or, how about this as a post,
    In another life, or if you had it to do all over, what would you have liked to have done?
    Id have loved to create and direct my own ice skating show, using my own music choices and costume ideas.
    Id also love to design my own house, car, a housing plan, a school, shoes, and own my own clothing / bridal dress shop. gift and flower shop, and have a real-estate license , or sell cars.

    and yes i have read books...
    ok, now, is this what you mean? lol.
    well I tried...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Well, my friends, you have both answered my questions and restored my faith that, just maybe, we can offer up some threads on the various arts and your particular interest in them. In fact, you have already done so by sharing your various fields of interest.



  • RubaDub

    I've looked at the Met Art site several times.

    Very nice women.

    Rub a Dub

  • smiddy

    Maybe that`s something Simon can do on the home page under " Entertainment" or "Social" and include the "Arts " in it`s various forms , where these contributions could be made .

    Because of the very nature of this site , ex JW`s , I never really thought about contributing along those lines as not being JW related .

    And while I always appreciated compound complex posts , I also had the feeling it was out from left field ?

    I am more familiar with contributions about music and films , but , why not Art , Literature ,Poetry ,Classics , Etc.

    Thank you compound complex for this post , I hope we as contributors can expand our knowledge on all things that make us human .

    Maybe 2 other lines of thought could be brought in here .

    Maybe some have had their talents curbed by the attitudes of the religion which they regret , while others have excelled in their field after exiting the religion .


  • DJS

    Compound Complex,

    I am a supporter of the arts. I've posted pictures of my house illustrating some of my art collection, and I've supported and volunteered at our local museum for many years. In addition I have supported the local Opera community and the Symphony.

    I don't talk about it much because it seems that it seems pretentious to do so. I've avoided adding another pejorative adjective to arrogant wise ass. I don't know though. Pretentious Arrogant Wise Ass. What do you think, class? Better? Worse? Same?

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